Loyalty360 Reads: August 10th, 2018

The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.

Walmart and Kroger Awaken the Sleeping Giant…… Aldi?
That’s right, Aldi has made a move that puts them in the blender that is the grocery war. In its biggest product refresh ever, Aldi is adding more organic, vegetarian, fresh, and vegan items to its US stores than ever before. Within the beginning of 2019, roughly 20 percent of the items sold in Aldi stores will be new. According to Business Insider, “the new products will be rolled out in all aisles of Aldi stores, but shoppers will see the biggest difference in the fresh-foods department, which includes perishables like meat, dairy, and cheese.” This is a huge move for Aldi as grocers continue to feel the heat from Amazon and Whole Foods. Innovation continues to be a massive key in customer retention with competition increasing seemingly each day.

Chipotle Mixes Things Up
With almost any Chipotle one may encounter, there’s typically a process. Whether it’s a burrito, bowl, or you’re one of the psychopaths that force them to make you a quesadilla (seriously, what’s that all about?), you usually have a relatively regular order each time you go in. Minus cycling between sour cream on your cheat day, and no sour cream, the Chipotle menu has been straightforward for years. Unfortunately, the brands loyal customer base become stagnant over the last year and the brand has brought in two new menu items in order to mix things up for customers. Chipotle will be adding bacon and nachos to some of their test markets in Denver and Minneapolis. If the testing goes well, you could be munching on bacon topped nachos in the next year or so. Also, from now until September 30, customers at participating locations in Miami and Dallas can get $2 tacos with the purchase of any drink after 8pm.

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