Loyalty360 | Member Weekly Roundup News and Updates on Loyalty360 Brands | July 24, 2020

In our Loyalty360 weekly roundup, we will highlight a few of our Brand Members, their fantastic work, and their dedication to customer loyalty and customer experience.

These stories are just a quick snapshot of what these brands have accomplished, as their companies, programs, and strategies represent some of the best the customer loyalty industry has achieved.

See below for this week’s Loyalty360 member weekly roundup, including highlights from Verizon, American Eagle, Domino’s, and 7-Eleven.
Verizon Enabling Grocery Shopping Through E-Mail
Verizon has announced Yahoo Mail users can fill their Walmart shopping carts directly through their inbox. The program is called “Groceries from Walmart” and allows those with Yahoo Mail to browse, add to cart, and buy essential items from Walmart right in Yahoo Mail.
This continues what Yahoo Mail has been doing to keep people in their inbox. Yahoo Mail launched an app called Grocery View. Users of the app get shown deals from grocery stores, which will let them save these deals to their grocery lists, as well as connect their store loyalty card.

American Eagle Launches Back to School 2020 Campaign Shot Entirely on Zoom

American Eagle has announced the launch of its 2020 Back to School campaign. Titled “#AExME Back to School (BTS) ’20 Campaign,” it has young people dancing while all in American Eagle attire. The campaign was directed, shot, and produced entirely on Zoom and incorporates cellphone, polaroid, and camera film capture.
The cast for this campaign includes people from a variety of dance backgrounds like ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and contemporary. People involved in this campaign include Donyea Martin, Hannah Hawkins, Irene Luna, Jevohn Gentry, Makayla London, Sumi Oshima, as well as Addison Rae. Rae has over 50 million members on TikTok and is the second-most followed person on the platform.

Don’t Trash the Box: Domino’s and WestRock Partner to Encourage Customers to Recycle Their Pizza Boxes

Domino’s announced it partnered with its primary box partner, WestRock, to try and encourage customers to recycle their pizza boxes. This recycling campaign has also seen the launch of recycling.dominos.com. The website shares facts on recycling, how to recycle the pizza boxes, and what to do if your community can’t accept pizza pox recycling.
WestRock conducted a study on the impact of typical amounts of grease and residual cheese. The study showed that a standard number of grease and leftover cheese does not change the quality.

Stop, Drop, and… Pick It Up at 7-Eleven by Ordering Ahead
7-Eleven has announced it has expanded options on its delivery app and will now allow customers to order and pay for items ahead of time. This new feature from 7-Eleven is available through the following steps:

  • Download the 7NOW app

  • Click your location in the top left corner, and pick “Pickup”

  • Add wanted items to the cart and pay in the app to complete the purchase

  • Track the order process through “picked,” “packed” and “ready for pickup”

  • Go to the store, show the associate the 4-digit code on your 7NOW app and pick up your items

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