Loyalty Reads: TIKI® Launches Customer Loyalty Program, Papa John’s Announces NFT Collection, and More

TIKI® Launches Customer Loyalty Program 

TIKI® Brand is launching a new loyalty program alongside a new lineup of smokeless firepit accessories. The TIKI rewards program provides members with exclusive discounts and opportunities to save on wood pellets, accessories, and other TIKI products. Members earn points for every dollar spent and can redeem those points for rewards. 

Additionally, TIKI will release new products to support its smokeless firepit product. The main feature of the new lineup is a tabletop for the smokeless firepit, allowing owners to use the pit as a table when it does not have a fire inside. 


Papa John’s Announces NFT Collection 

Papa John’s will launch three flavors of digital collectibles in its first collection of NFTs. The NFTs are available on OneRare’s Foodverse and features fan favorite pizza flavors as the artwork: Super Papa’s Pizza, Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza, and Vegan Sheese Garden Special Pizza. 

The NFT collection is designed to help the brand keep up with newer generations, helping the pizza restaurant chain move into the metaverse. Through the OneRare Foodverse, Papa John’s will host a virtual experience to take its customers on a virtual pizza journey. 


T-Mobile Partners with Prisms VR on STEM Learning Opportunities 

T-Mobile announced a partnership with Prisms VR to bring virtual reality education to 11 school districts in Michigan. As part of the partnership, T-Mobile will provide classrooms with Meta Quest 2 VR headsets connected to T-Mobile 5G. 

T-Mobile will launch the experience in rural districts in Michigan to break down barriers in education. The partnership will bring learning opportunities to thousands of students who normally would not have access due to unreliable networks connections. 


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