Loyalty Reads: Nextdoor Adds Generative AI to Drive Conversations, Sephora Announces $25 Minimum Online Purchase for Birthday Perk, and More

Nextdoor Adds Generative AI to Drive Conversations 

Nextdoor will add generative AI throughout the neighborhood network platform to increase positive interaction between users. Partnering with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Nextdoor will use the technology to enhance the ways neighbors communicate with each other. 

Nextdoor is testing a new AI “Assistant” feature that allows users to see a revised suggestion to a post that helps drive more positive community engagement. The feature also has a Kindness Reminder, which recognizes unkind comments and recommends kinder revisions. 


Sephora Announces $25 Minimum Online Purchase for Birthday Perk 

Sephora is adjusting the birthday perk it offers Beauty Insider rewards program members. To redeem the birthday gift online, members will need to make a minimum $25 purchase. Members can continue to redeem the gift with no minimum purchase in-stores. 

The change follows another change to Sephora’s birthday gifts, which limited the number of gifts that could be sent to the same address every year. The new birthday gift policy will go into effect June 1, 2023. 


MOYA Launches New Loyalty Program 

Anwim — owner of MOYA fuel retail — launched a new app and loyalty program for individual customers. The new Super MOYA program provides discounts and promotions for customers throughout Poland. 

The Super MOYA program joins the brand’s previous MOYA firma app for fleet customers. While the program offers discounts for customers, it is designed to help the brand collect customer behavior and purchase data. With the data, MOYA hopes to improve communication with customers and offer more personalized rewards. 


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