Loyalty Reads: European Parliament Takes a Stand to Protect Against AI, Private Credit Cards are in Decline, Cousins Subs Teams with the Milwaukee Bucks to Block Hunger, and More 

Europe Determines Initial AI Regulations, Challenging New Tech Power 
European Parliament announces new rules aimed at promoting human-centric and trustworthy uses of AI.  European Union lawmakers on Wednesday took a key step in protecting the safety of fundamental rights and democracy from Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage by overwhelmingly voting to approve the EU AI Act. The rules encourage landmark restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence, protecting consumers from potentially dangerous applications of artificial intelligence. The EP makes the move amid concerns that rapid development of AI tech could be used for dangerous applications and promote discrimination and privacy violating practices as well as using social scoring capabilities that could be deployed to significantly manipulate consumer behaviors.  


Private Credit Cards Experiencing a Significant Decline in Consumer Usage
Single brand credit cards are becoming less attractive to consumers in light of less restrictive financing services. The ubiquitous check-out question “Have you signed up for our store credit card yet?” might soon become a thing of the past. Once an extremely popular way for brands to encourage loyalty through special offers and purchase discounts, single-brand credit cards are on the decline, according to a recent study. The main reasons for the decline include higher than average interest rates, lack of consistent usage and value, the increased popularity of methods like Klarna and Affirm that have less restrictive qualifying requirements for short-term credit, and new and improved ways to promote brand loyalty through long-term loyalty programs. 


Wisconsin Based Cousins Subs Teams Up Again with the Milwaukee Bucks to Block Hunger
The Hunger Task Force now has more funding after getting a check for more than $20,000 from the Block Out Hunger campaign. Staying loyal to your hometown team pays off! For the eighth year in a row, The Milwaukee Bucks and Cousins Subs raised money for The Hunger Task Force through their Block Out Hunger campaign. A check was presented at Fiserv Forum last week, and The Milwaukee Bucks hosted a free lunch for 40 local school kids. The Block Out Hunger campaign pledged that for every block the Bucks made this past season, Cousins' Make it Better Foundation would donate $50 to help with food insecurity across Wisconsin. The Bucks made a total of 403 blocks, raising a total of $20,150 for Hunger Task Force. 


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