Loyalty Reads: AirAsia Partners with Plusgrade to Improve Customer Experience, Hostess Launches New Snack Cake, and More

AirAsia Partners with Plusgrade to Improve Customer Experience 

AirAsia and Plusgrade announced a partnership to allow customers to bid for upgrades and reserve the seats next to them on flights for extra space and comfort. The goal of the partnership is to improve the customer experience for travelers using Asia’s leading low-cost carrier. 

Following strict travel restrictions from pandemic shutdowns, travel companies in Asia are looking for ways to increase revenue and encourage customers to use the services now that restrictions are lifting. Plusgrade hopes to help AirAsia rebuild its customer base through the partnership and increased amenities for travelers. 


Hostess Launches New Snack Cake 

Hostess will launch a new snack cake inspired by candy bars in a move to innovate the snack cake market. Kazbars™ feature layers of chocolate cake, crème, candy crunch, and caramel or chocolate fudge. 

The new product comes after Hostess listened to customers, who wanted multitextured snacks. In a move to compete more with candy bars, the cakes will be available for individual sale in the candy bar sections. 


Kind Focuses New Ad on Promoting Wellness 

In its first commercial in over a year, Kind North America is leaning into consumer trends on wellness and nutritious foods. In its new “I See Almonds” campaign, Kind is highlighting the whole almonds in its new snack bar. 

The campaign continues the brand’s focus on simple ingredients. Kind hopes to market healthy lifestyles, making nutrition accessible to any consumer. 


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