Kobie Marketing Inc., a leading loyalty marketing agency, announced today its first feature article in Practical eCommerce Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to helping online eCommerce stores increase revenues by attracting new customers and promoting additional sales.  Kobie’s Director of Marketing Technology, Bram Hechtkopf, describes in the article “Online Loyalty Programs Can Increase Repeat Shoppers,” the opportunities retailers can take to increase customer awareness and enhance consumer purchases online.

“As a full service agency specializing in customer loyalty programs for both online and offline companies such as Bank of America, Verizon,  Barnes & Noble, Red Lobster, Lucasfilm, and many others, helping organizations develop a program to entice customers to return for additional purchase is our number one goal,” said Hechtkopf. “By integrating robust data analytics with solid technology and a clear and consistent communications plan, companies can leverage customer loyalty programs to achieve a level of measurable success beyond 558 traditional marketing methods.”

Since Practical eCommerce Magazine’s target market focuses specifically on online retail shops, Kobie’s mention in the article will help boost the marketing firm’s recognition to over 15,000 readers and potential clients. “We are excited about the opportunity to be featured in a new publication such as Practical eCommerce. Our loyalty programs are designed to help retailers get the most out of their marketing efforts by driving current customers back to the website for additional purchases,” said Hechtkopf.

The issue featuring Kobie Marketing is arriving at doorsteps now. To view the article online, visit Online Loyalty Programs Can Increase Repeat Shoppers. Kobie Marketing has plans to extend its reach to additional publications in the future in targeted magazines.

About Kobie Marketing

Kobie Marketing is an award-winning loyalty marketing agency with 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing B2B and B2C loyalty marketing programs for a variety of industries including retail, financial services, telecommunications,  and travel. Current and past clients include MBNA, Bank of America,  Verizon, Lucasfilm, Barnes & Noble, Cingular, Fleet, CMI, Advanta,  CBS SportsLine, Red Lobster, Sennari, Avon Products, Melitta, and American General Finance,  among others. Kobie Marketing Inc. is headquartered in St. Petersburg,  Florida, with affiliate sales offices in Miami Beach, Florida and St.  Paul, Minnesota.

For more information about Kobie Marketing, visit http://www.kobie.com.

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