Kobie Marketing has announced the launch of Kobie Alchemy X, a real-time loyalty platform within the Kobie Loyalty Cloud. The platform was built using configuration as a key design component, removing the need for custom development when new or modified business requirements arise. It includes a modern, marketer-friendly interface to guide users through the creation and delivery of contextual, personalized customer interactions. With over 600 APIs, it is easily integrated into existing tech stacks.
A key component of Kobie Alchemy X is its experience engine. This engine can manage a huge number of marketing use cases to reward and recognize customers in real time, delivering loyalty at scale. It collects and aggregates data to fuel treatments that drive customer experiences, and it is fully integrated with all other loyalty modules that help drive incremental customer engagement.
“Serving brands across multiple industries with one platform requires a product approach and a technical discipline that categorizes and delivers customer engagement functions into their smallest common components,” says Marti Beller, President of Kobie. “Only when this is achieved can a platform deliver limitless combinations to support thousands of client and customer use cases. After being exposed to platforms all over the globe, I am confident Kobie Alchemy X is the solution designed to best serve the increasingly dynamic, digital consumer experience.”
The platform also enables all of the services offered in the Kobie Loyalty Cloud, from loyalty consulting to advanced analytics to creative services, delivering a holistic approach for marketers to deepen emotional connections and interactions with their customers. 
“Kobie’s latest technology is designed to drive desired behaviors along the entire customer journey,” says Beller. “By taking a powerful platform like Kobie Alchemy X and coupling it with our end-to-end service offerings within the Kobie Loyalty Cloud, we provide marketers with the tools they need to increase their enterprise value through loyalty.”

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