IKEA Canada’s 2023 Loyalty Expo Session: Empowering Frontline Co-Workers To Create a Loyalty-Optimal Experience

IKEA Canada is a vision-based company and brand. With a mission to create a better everyday life for people, it has met that goal for over 45 years through the company’s set of committed values: togetherness, cost consciousness, sustainability, and caring for people and the planet.
With 14 full-sized stores across Canada, the company’s footprint is small considering the size of the country. Yet, this same footprint stretches from the west coast to the east. Presently, IKEA Canada has begun to open smaller stores, focusing more on city center penetration. Making home furnishing accessible for a broader customer base continues to be one of the hallmarks of the brand’s vision.
IKEA Canada is an award finalist for this year’s Loyalty360 Awards for the Employee Engagement & Impact category at the upcoming Loyalty Expo, held May 8-10 in Orlando, FL.
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Jordan Sequeira, the Senior Marketing Leader of IKEA Canada, about his upcoming awards presentation at the Loyalty Expo, the importance of leveraging the company’s frontline co-workers, and what attendees will learn from the presentation.


Can you give us a brief overview of what you plan to present for your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Sequeira: Our presentation will focus on and demonstrate how you can achieve success through your loyalty program when it comes to share of sales by leveraging your most valuable resources. For IKEA Canada, this means the co-workers on the front line of our business. We’re keenly focused on co-worker engagement and how you can move your metrics and KPIs in a simple yet effective way.



Who do you think would benefit most from your awards presentation at the 2023 Loyalty Expo?
Sequeira: Anyone who has a loyalty program or a business model that has co-workers engaging with their customers — and their most loyal customer base — while providing them with that loyalty-optimal experience will benefit from the presentation. There are a couple of nuggets attendees will be able to take away from our presentation. I know we found some when learning, and we look forward to passing them on to others.
What are a few key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from your awards presentation?
Sequeira: I think there are three main takeaways from the presentation:
  1. The value of listening to your co-workers and acting on their feedback.
  2. The second would be the importance of the simplicity of an effective solution. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can achieve good things with something simple.
  3. The opportunities that come from empowering your co-workers to take ownership of their success and the success of the business itself.
To learn more about Loyalty360’s upcoming Loyalty Expo, including details on the event agenda and how to register, please visit LoyaltyExpo.com.

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