H&M Launches Resale Service in Partnership with thredUP

H&M announced its first resale business model using thredUP’s Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS). The model, called H&M Pre-Loved, allows customers to find and purchase secondhand garments through thredUP’s platform. 

H&M joins many other retailers in offering resale options in an overall effort to increase sustainability within retail markets. H&M Pre-Loved is one of the brand’s CSR initiatives to move fashion from a linear business model — take, make, discard — to a circular model that makes sure products are used more and longer. 

“We need to take responsibility for the impact fashion has on climate and the environment. Circular business models can help us reduce and limit this negative impact, while continuing to deliver fashion and style for our customers,” says Abigail Kammerzell, Head of Sustainability, H&M North America. 

Using the new service, customers can search for used apparel using familiar H&M sub shops such as &Denim, Sport, Lades, Divided, and Kids. Additionally, the resale service allows customers to access collaboration pieces from past guest designers. 


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