FEED U Launches Social Food-Gifting Platform

FEED U recently launched the first-of-its-kind social food-gifting platform that allows friends and family to send food to college students while earning valuable rewards. FEED U partners with local restaurants at college campuses and national merchants, allowing users to create a food profile on the mobile app. Users can send (and receive) food and receive BITECOINS that are redeemable at any FEED U merchant.

"Food-gifting becomes the ultimate form of social currency between friends and family who earn valuable rewards in the process," shares co-founder and CEO Eric Simon. "Getting fed or feeding someone the food they love is a much stronger way to connect than any 'like,' 'follow' or 'view.' Receiving a meal, dessert or treat for any occasion or reason creates an emotional reaction that is hard to beat."

The platform generates incremental business for independent restaurants while providing them with free marketing and valuable customer data without any restrictive fees. "All parties benefit from an order on FEED U - the purchaser, the recipient and the merchant," adds Simon.

The app is available to download in the App Store and is coming soon to Google Play, and features a dynamic web portal that allows family members to access a user's account and #GetThemFed without having to download the mobile app or create a separate account. 

FEED U has partnered with several national non-profits, making contributions directly to each organization. Users will also be able to use BITECOINS to donate directly to the non-profit partners.

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