Dunkin’ has announced that, after a transformational year in 2018, the brand has signed store development agreements to open 50 new locations. The company says that it will continue to focus on growth and development efforts outside of the Northeast. New locations under the agreements are slated to open over the next few years in key growth markets, including Texas, Michigan, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada, and Missouri.
This expansion plan is part of Dunkin’s continued commitment to offer consumers increased accessibility. The ultimate goal is to add 200 to 250 new restaurants each year over the next three years in the United States, with 90 percent of these openings taking place outside the Northeast.
“As we continue our national expansion with new and existing franchisees, we are bringing our modernized design and beverage-led brand into new areas beyond the Northeast,” says Grant Benson, CFE, Senior Vice President of Franchising and Business Development, Dunkin’ Brands.
“With modifications, such as our on-tap cold beverages, high-quality drive-thrus, and on-the-go mobile ordering capabilities, we plan to capitalize on the momentum we experienced in 2018 and continue providing ‘great coffee, fast’ for years to come.”
In an effort to keep the brand fresh and competitive, Dunkin’ offers flexible concepts for real estate formats, including free-standing restaurants, end caps, in-line sites, gas and convenience, travel plazas, and universities, as well as other retail environments. In 2018, the brand opened the first iteration of its NextGen restaurant, designed to cater to the on-the-go customer. This new type of restaurant uses innovative in-store technology and design elements to stay modern and relevant with guests. The new store design emphasizes unparalleled speed and convenience, while leaning into the brand’s beverage-led strategy.
In order to achieve the most from its customer loyalty, Dunkin’ menu offerings include high-quality, freshly brewed hot and iced coffees, cold brew, and Rainforest-Alliance-certified dark roast. A Rainforest-Alliance-certified espresso lineup includes americano, cappuccino, espresso, and hot and iced lattes and macchiato. Dunkin’ also serves new nitro-infused coffee from an on-tap coffee bar at its NextGen stores and a full menu of hot teas, Coolatta frozen beverages, donuts, bakery goods, and sandwiches that pair with the brand’s beverages.

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