Cutback Coach Rebrands to Sunnyside

Cutback Coach, the nation’s leading mindful drinking platform, announced it has officially rebranded to Sunnyside. This new brand speaks to Sunnyside’s mission to help its members build a healthier, more intuitive relationship with alcohol.

“This new name and refreshed visual identity is more in line with our ethos as a company,” said Nick Allen, co-founder and CEO of Sunnyside. “We want to focus on adding more to the lives of our users, not taking away. Sunnyside means brighter mornings, and provides a path to experience life more fully as a result of a healthier relationship with alcohol. We take a positive approach and help members make small changes that have a huge impact, providing an alternative to the somber, all-or-nothing alcohol solutions on the market today.”

Sunnyside is a subscription-based service that uses psychology-backed tools to help anyone who drinks develop a more intuitive relationship with alcohol. Instead of the sobriety-first approach, Sunnyside acts as a non-judgemental accountability partner, focusing on building healthy habits that fit the lifestyles of its members. Sunnyside’s unique approach has helped tens of thousands of members reduce their intake by an average of 30% in their first 30 days, motivating them to integrate Sunnyside into their lives as a daily wellness tool.

In the last year, Sunnyside has become a force in the health and wellness space, working with more than 65 thousand people in 2021. In aggregate, members were able to cut more than 2 million drinks and add 300 thousand no-drinking days as sober-curiosity and mindful drinking have emerged as leading wellness trends. And this new lifestyle is becoming the norm, with over half the population saying they have the desire to reduce their alcohol intake (Nielsen), and 35% of people identifying as sober-curious (Ipsos).

Looking ahead, Sunnyside sees 2022 as the year mindful drinking will break through as a mass-market wellness category. With tens of millions in the US drinking more than the healthy amount defined by the National Institutes of Health — and a significant increase in problem drinking behavior during the pandemic — Sunnyside is poised to lead the way in bringing the mindful drinking movement into the mainstream.

“Sunnyside is building a future in which proactively managing our alcohol consumption is as common as managing diet and exercise — an integral part of our holistic wellness toolkits,” Allen said.

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