Can CVS Pay Heighten Customer Engagement and Customer Experience?

CVS officials hope that its latest digital solution, CVS Pay, brings them elevated customer engagement and customer loyalty.

The new end-to-end mobile payment solution is the latest solution from CVS Health that uses digital tools to drive convenience, as the company continues to develop and invest in new ways to make healthy lifestyles easier and more accessible for customers nationwide.

“We’ve always appreciated CVS as a leading and forward-thinking digital gift card,” Virtual Incentives CEO Jonathan Price told Loyalty360. “Their support of wellness for both consumers and employees through incentive programs helps people achieve results. It’s great to see they are responding to consumers’ demand for mobile convenience and loyalty integration with CVS Pay.”

Customers can now use their CVS Pharmacy mobile app to streamline their checkout experiences at the store – combining multiple steps into one easy scan. For customers picking up a prescription, CVS Pay offers a simple, private and end-to-end pharmacy experience.  Customers will have the ability to refill, manage multiple prescriptions and get alerts when prescriptions are ready, all within the app – and then pick up and pay using a single barcode. Customers can also link their ExtraCare card with CVS Pay, meaning a single scan at checkout will process all ExtraCare deals, earn new rewards and handle payment for the transaction. 

Brian Tilzer, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, CVS Health, told Loyalty360 that CVS Health is dedicated to making health care convenient, personal, and affordable – and digital tools are key to delivering this experience.

“We’ve been very pleased by the success of our digital properties thus far,” he explained. “One in three CVS Pharmacy customers uses at least one or more of our digital tools. We hope that our customers will have a similarly favorable reaction to CVS Pay, as the integration will make it easier for our stores to process orders and speed up transactions. We provide our customers with tailor-made solutions that fit their everyday shopping needs. Our own mobile app, which was built from the ground up in our own Digital Innovation Lab, based in Boston, allows us to seamlessly integrate new features like CVS Pay. CVS Pay streamlines shopping and pharmacy transactions by consolidating loyalty rewards, prescription pick up, and payment, all in one scan.”

Stellar Loyalty CTO and Co-founder Peter Lim offered his thoughts on the new CVS Pay.

“We are excited to see CVS innovate with mobile payment to streamline the consumer’s in-store experience,” Lim told Loyalty360. “We believe that convenience breeds loyalty, and this CVS Pay can achieve that goal. In exchange, the brand also wins by reducing transaction times and building a more comprehensive consumer profile. Having a slick mobile app is no longer sufficient to attract consumers. Brands, especially brick-and-mortar retailers, must implement mobile use cases that enhance the in-store experience. Whether it is using mobile pay to streamline the consumer transaction, using location-information to provide one-to-one offers, or using augmented reality to deliver a unique immersive experience, brands that can leverage mobile in the moment will win over those brands that cannot meet the expectations of the mobile consumer.”

Peter Pantano, Marketing Analyst at Pointillist, told Loyalty360 that while the streamlined experience will certainly drive engagement across CVS’ app and loyalty program, “CVS Pay represents a continued commitment to CX innovation. This, above all else, creates truly lasting loyalty and provides CVS with an advantage over most large brands that struggle to cultivate a customer-centric culture.”

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