In this session brands will learn about how customer data is driving change in the grocery/CPG arena.  No longer is “mass only” the fashion or passion. SpartanNash is working with their CPG partners to create a shared vision for improving the customer experience by changing how we look at the product offering and customer experience in each store. Personalization is challenging traditional grocery retail thinking related to item selection, display, promotion and experience. SpartanNash is spearheading change in this thinking by working with their CPG partners to create a win/win/win relationship (Grocery/CPG/Customer).
    Key Takeaways:

    1. How to create a new paradigm in a traditional industry
    2. How to work collaboratively with partners to create a new model in connecting with customers
              a. Shared access to customer data
                      i. Customer Styles
                               -How and why they shop
                               -Define customer needs (products/services) by style
                               -Redefines marketing approach (personalized)
                     ii.Store Clusters
                               -Stores with like customer bases based on customer styles
                               -Defines item selection, display, promotional approach
                               -Personalized approach to market/store