More than a Good Deal: Drive Real Customer Loyalty this Holiday Shopping Season

  • December 14 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Janrain Team

Some brands go into the holiday shopping season looking for a panacea for whatever issues they have encountered over the past 12 months. Stagnant annual sales figures can be revitalized and salvaged by capitalizing on the surge in shopping...Read More

Beacons, a Better Way to Understand Your Customers Shopping Behaviors

  • August 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Justin Cvetkovski, Business Solution Manager

Beacons are projected to yield more than $50 billion in retail sales this year. Although there is yearly excitement with this tool from the tech industry, beacons were first publicized when Apple introduced its iBeacon hardware in 2013. Now beacon...Read More

Personalization Versus Relevance for Today's Customer

  • December 13 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Chuck Leddy

Today’s customers expect marketers to relate to them for an optimal customer experience. When marketers know their customers deeply, and can anticipate their needs, mutually-beneficial bonds get forged. Customers feel understood and get...Read More

A Closer Look at Today's Digital Marketing Agency

  • August 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Jim Panagas

It wasn’t so long ago when, if you needed a new website, you sought out an advertising or creative agency. The team typically consisted of a copywriter, graphic designer, and web developer and together the three of them would build a...Read More

Holiday Volumes Bring Heightened Fraud Prevention Stakes

  • December 12 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Kount Team

The holiday season brings peak transaction volumes for online retailers. Such volumes spark increased fraudulent activity and bad behavior. The difficulty of distinguishing good customers from bad is also at its highest level this time of...Read More

Creating Harmonized Experiences That Drive Loyalty for Life

  • July 11 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Chris Norton

You’re researching and planning your next family vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL.  A few days later, you receive an email with an offer from the same brand of hotels near “Lego World” in California as you recently...Read More

How to Achieve Success with Machine Learning - A Collect, Detect, Act Approach

  • December 11 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Mark Sucrese, Epsilon

The industry has been talking about machine learning for years, but what’s different today is that marketers have begun to implement machine learning tools and tactics to advance their marketing efforts towards advanced personalization...Read More

Loyalty Within PADI Goes Beyond Tradition

  • July 02 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Skip Tate

It didn’t take long after arriving in Iraq for Juan Gonzales to begin to feel the effects. The Marine Corps sergeant was part of a company would perform convoy security missions or search for IEDs, and the anxiety created by not knowing who...Read More

6 Ways to Earn Loyalty from Millennial Moms

  • December 10 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The CrowdTwist Team

Millennial moms represent approximately 1 in every 5 mothers, and accounted for almost 90 percent of the 1.5 million new mothers in 2017. This market segment is made up of nine million women, and is one that brands simply can...Read More

Taking Your Customer Service from Cost Center to Profit Center

  • July 02 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • John Larson

How many times has one of your customers approached you with an issue or a problem?  For instance, “I purchased this product from you and it does not work.” Or, “I thought this product had feature X, but I found out it doesn...Read More

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