Human-First Marketing During Trying Times

  • April 16 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Pam Erlichman, Jebbit

As I write this, 223 million Americans have been ordered to stay home; by the time you read this, many more are likely to be sheltering in place.In an amazingly short period of time, our work and home lives have been transformed. Home...Read More

Marketing to Millennials? It’s Time to Divest From Facebook Ads

  • August 01 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Tommy O'Shaughnessy, Clever Real Estate

The conventional wisdom is that Millennials and Generation Z are earnest, open, and optimistic, and that may be true to some extent. But recent studies have shown that when it comes to marketing, they’re considerably more cynical than we...Read More

How Can You Keep Up with Constant Gratification?

  • April 15 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Paul Wolfer, Clarus Commerce

Think about the way you watch TV. Who wants to wait a week for a new episode to come out?Now, instead of having to wait for episodes to come out, you can binge watch most shows by streaming them instantly.Instant gratification isn’t just a...Read More

Why your Loyalty Program needs a video-game-like Tutorial

  • August 01 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Robert L. Mcclarin, Brierley+Partners

Video games know you’ll play longer if you win early (and often) Video game developers have become masters at creating and motivating loyal players through game mechanics that you need to add to your loyalty program, stat. My favorite game...Read More

Building Trust in a Time of Disruption and Preparing for the Future of the Customer Journey

  • April 14 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Mike Sund and Stacy Kjelland

Mitigating the customer impact of COVID-19 will require steady brand leadership and empathy – learn what it takes to weather the storm and come out ahead on the other side.For brands and customers, we are living through an extraordinary...Read More

Viewing Consumer Privacy with the Lens of a Loyalty Marketer

  • August 01 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Tad Fordyce, Epsilon

Consumer privacy is something we as loyalty marketers take very seriously. With the current and upcoming regulations, we’re continuously monitoring and enhancing our technology and services to ensure our solutions meet compliancy...Read More

How To Emotionally Engage, Nurture, And Retain Your Customers During A Crisis

  • April 13 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Annex Cloud Team

This is the third article in our series focusing on the importance of customer loyalty and retention during an economic crisis. Our first article spoke about enhancing your tactics to increase your customer retention rates, which you can read...Read More

Better Data, Happier Customers: 3 Ways to Make Data Work Harder

  • July 12 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Emad Khan, Map My Customers

If you’re following new developments in sales and marketing, then you’ve no doubt seen plenty of headlines about customer experience being the new bottom line. Adobe even combined their marketing and creative platforms, renaming it...Read More

How your brand can build & keep trust amid COVID-19

  • April 10 2020
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Qualtrics Team

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a new reality for brands and everyone is feeling the impact.In mid-March, as the crisis began spreading in the U.S., just over 70% of U.S. consumers indicated that coronavirus was impacting their day-to-day lives....Read More

Acts of Kindness Encourage Brand Loyalty

  • July 01 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Mary Ann Charlton, Epsilon

Consumers love positive experiences. And better yet, experiences that ‘surprise and delight’ create engagement that leaves the consumer wanting to interact with your brand for future experiences. With the shift of loyalty programs from...Read More

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