5 Common Fears About AI for Marketing – And How to Address Them

  • June 18 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jade McFarland

This is the second post in our “AI for CX & Marketing” series – check out the first post here.If you’re trying to build AI into your martech stack, you may hit some internal resistance, whether you’re trying...Read More

Delta Air Lines: Building Emotional Connection to Drive Loyalty

  • October 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Mark Johnson, Loyalty360

Delta Air Lines, originally founded as a small crop-dusting operation named Huff Daland Dusters in 1924, has grown into one of the world’s largest airlines, serving more than 180 million customers each year. They are also the creators of one...Read More

7 Tips For Successful Customer Loyalty Programs In 2019

  • June 17 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Hinda Incentives Team

In 2019, almost every brand, store and company has a customer loyalty program. If done correctly, these programs can increase and retain customers.Sallie Burnett is a loyalty consultant, keynote speaker and Founder of Customer Insight Group...Read More

5 Tips For Developing A Personalization Strategy That Drives Loyalty To Your Brand

  • October 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Kara Trivunovic, Epsilon

Email has always been referred to as a relationship channel. It’s a channel that enables a dialogue with a customer. That being said, personalization needs to be top of mind for marketers as they focus on sustaining customer relationships...Read More

Loyalty Discount or Loyalty to the Discount?

  • June 14 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Paul Wolfer

Chances are you have some affinity toward specific retailers, right?You might have a favorite grocery store or pet store or clothing store. Maybe that’s based on location. It’s on your way home. Maybe it’s just a place that you...Read More

Measure Loyalty Program ROI With These Key Metrics

  • October 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Len Llaguno, Kyros Insights

One of the most reliable methods of measuring a marketing campaign's effectiveness is to conduct an A/B test. Generally, these tests unfold in the following way: the purchasing patterns of two groups, Group A and Group B, are tracked, with...Read More

7 Ways To Surprise & Delight Your Customers In 2019

  • June 13 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Mark Stansbury

You’ve implemented a great loyalty program, your rewards program is converting quicker than you can imagine, but you’re trying to think of that little extra special something to give to your customers in 2019. Lucky for you, we...Read More

The Building Blocks Of Personalization, Block Two: Making Data Useful

  • October 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Tad Fordyce, Epsilon

In my last article, I discussed how to set the foundation for achieving a 360-degree view of your customers and the role of data. Here, I’m going to explore how marketers can make data actionable and realize the benefits of the enhanced...Read More

What’s The Future of Blockchain in Loyalty Marketing?

  • June 12 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Mike Sund

At the height of the Cryptocurrency trading frenzy, Bitcoin reached a unit value of $19,650. It hasn’t been that high since. A little more than a year later, Bitcoin declined 84 percent and hit a new low of $3,128. It is currently trading...Read More

Breeding Consumer Loyalty through Enhanced Digital Engagement

  • October 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Jamie Samaha, Mastercard

Breeding Consumer Loyalty through Enhanced Digital Engagement In today’s world, digital is where the heart is. According to Bernstein Research, consumers who regularly make multiple types of digital payments, such as online and in-app...Read More

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