3 Ways to Make the Most of First-Party Data

  • July 11 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Keith Lifschin

Whether you reach customers through email, in-app, social media, or via remarketing, data is your ticket to ensure they stay engaged. And first-party data, which comes directly from the very customers you communicate with, can be particularly...Read More

Customer Data is The Ticket to Personalized Offers

  • June 04 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Cheetah Digital Team

Building relationships with customers is a lot like building personal relationships. If all you ever do is talk about yourself and tell everyone how great you are, people will start to tune you out and walk away. Customers are more...Read More

Delicious Metrics Hidden in Your Welcome Email Data

  • March 26 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • The Cheetah Digital Team

When reviewing email results, click rates and open rates tend to dominate the menu. But even if those metrics will always be the main course, there are some sweet rewards waiting for marketers who think creatively about their data.One way to...Read More

New Year, New Loyalty Program: 3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

  • February 20 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Peter Lim

With a new year upon us, goals are being set, resolutions committed to, and change is in the air. If you’ve been settling with a loyalty program that is well past its prime, there is no time like the present to commit to something better.Not...Read More

Loyalty Program Best Practices: Get Experiential

  • January 29 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jon Siegal

Today’s brands need to do more than stand out from the crowd — they need to celebrate their most loyal customers. To accomplish this, forward-thinking brands are becoming increasingly inventive with using experiential...Read More

Loyalty Program Best Practices: Why Brand Values Should Be Part Of The Equation

  • January 14 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Peter Lim

Modern loyalty programs are built on far more than transactions and points. In fact, a Capgemini study noted that 44 percent of shoppers feel loyalty program rewards are irrelevant. Rather, it’s been found that loyalty is deeply...Read More

Building Emotional Brand Loyalty: The Story of THUN

  • February 01 2018
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Mario Invernizzi

No better time than the season of Valentine’s Day to share the story of THUN, the Italian company that produces gifts in ceramics, porcelain, housewares and women and children’s accessories, and is widely recognized in Europe as the...Read More

Loyalty Program Best Practices: How Differentiation Provides a Competitive Edge

  • December 05 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jon Siegal, Stellar Loyalty

The loyalty marketplace is becoming more and more crowded every day. To stand out, differentiating your program is essential. Marketing guru Seth Godin once said, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not...Read More

Loyalty Program Best Practices: Personalization

  • November 29 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Manoj Das, Stellar Loyalty

You’ve heard it before: “It’s not personal, it’s business.” But that absolutely should not be the case when it comes to customer loyalty. Where loyalty programs are concerned, getting personal makes for better...Read More

So, You Have a Loyalty Program. Now What? How to Find the Right Loyalty Technical Partner

  • November 05 2018
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Peter Lim, Stellar Loyalty

The “if you build it, they will come” approach may work for baseball fields, but when it comes to loyalty programs, building a solid program is just the first step. Because starting a loyalty program is one thing — but keeping...Read More

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