Intelligent Analyses Through Connected Thinking

  • December 26 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Christopher Guider

“Only connect!” wrote the English novelist, E. M. Forster. “Live in fragments no longer.” This famous injunction could serve as an information-management strategy for the modern-day reinsurance industry and any other...Read More

Should Luxury Brands Be Playing Games?

  • December 24 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Claire Harding

I used to associate gaming with spotty teenagers sat in their bedrooms killing aliens at four in the morning. But, I have since come to realize that gaming is much more than just that. Gamification is a technique that marketers are using to...Read More

What Consumers Really Think About Sophisticated Smartwatch Functionality

  • December 23 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Anselme Laubier

Ever since the days of comic book detective Dick Tracy and his two-way wrist watch, wearable technology has held a fascination for consumers. So the potential of the next generation of smartwatch technology, which is set to go well beyond...Read More

What We Want in Tomorrow’s Car: In-Car Internet, Entertainment and Active Aafety Features

  • December 22 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • GfK / Autoscout24

GfK and AutoScout24 surveyed around 8,800 people for the report ‘The Cars We Want Tomorrow’. Drivers aged 18-65 in seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain), were surveyed on a wide...Read More

The Rise of the Influential Vloggers

  • December 20 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Jessica Cheung

Have you heard of Michalle Phan, Zoella, Tanya Burr or Pixiwoo? No, neither had I until I recently ventured into the world of the beauty video logger or “vlogger”. These are some of the most influential people in the cosmetics industry...Read More

The Spread of Non-cash Payments: a Shift Change in the Way We Pay for Goods and Services

  • December 15 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Phillip Westwood

While coins and paper money have remained the predominant means of conducting everyday transactions, technological advances in the 20th Century heralded the advent of increasingly sophisticated electronic transactions. The majority of...Read More

Smartphone Shoppers: 10 Facts Retailers Can’t Afford to Ignore

  • December 01 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Anthony Norman

According to our latest Mobile Insights data, more than half (55%) of UK smartphone users visited retail sites or apps from their device in July 2014. They spent almost 21 minutes and visited on average 4 retail sites, with fashion most...Read More

What Consumers Really Think About Smart Home Technology

  • November 30 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Anne Giulianotti

Companies eager to profit from the growing market for smart home products and services should feel encouraged by our latest research from the UK. It shows an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers to the idea of a fully-connected, smart...Read More

Epic Marketing Failures – Make Your Campaign Unforgettable, For All the Right Reasons

  • November 29 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Arno Hummerston

Every brand wants their marketing to be memorable. But no one wants to have it remembered for the wrong reasons. However, learning from mistakes is important. We took the chance to highlight a few unfortunate marketing “happenings” at...Read More

The Final Word on the Pros and Cons of NPS

  • November 21 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

I can’t take seeing yet another article extolling the virtues/lambasting the shortcomings of NPS. So I want to lay it all on the table – the pros and the cons – and try to offer a balanced assessment that neither...Read More

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