The Path to Smarter Marketing Attribution

  • March 02 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Lothar Krause

From last-click to customer journey attribution, across devices and channels A soccer game is not about that one last goal before the final whistle, a marriage does not happen because of that one last date before the wedding, and you didn...Read More

Price-Sensitive Shoppers Can Be Profitable for Brands

  • September 08 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Price-sensitive shoppers have long been pariahs of marketing, seen as cash-strapped deal seekers who are unprofitable because they switch brands relentlessly. But research from a marketing-analytics firm finds price-sensitive shoppers come from...Read More

Advertisers Push for Data to Measure Audiences in Multiple Channels

  • July 04 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

PHILADELPHIA—In case advertisers hadn’t noticed, the era of the double click is dead. In its place: a world of quadruple clicks and multiple finger swipes, a multiscreen shopping experience in which advertisers need to target their...Read More

Goodbye Mass Mailings: Technology And Targeted Direct Mail

  • July 02 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

When Macy’s Inc. wanted to improve sales from its catalog, the company turned to dunnhumby, an analytics firm specializing in giving customers personalized shopping experiences. Katherine Black, senior vice president of client leadership,...Read More

The Most Customer-Centric Restaurant Chains

  • June 21 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

There are a lot of ways to evaluate which restaurant chains are the "best." Customer science company Dunnhumby has proposed a new one: analyzing data to determine which restaurant chains are the most customer-centric. Dunnhumby...Read More

Hacking Boston With Consumer-Data Firm Dunnhumby

  • June 21 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

"Keep Calm and Continue Testing." The Harvard student's T-shirt tagline seemed to encapsulate the mood in the frigid room filled with data crunchers. It was just another drizzly Saturday in the MIT neighborhood of Kendall Square in Cambridge...Read More

‘Unknown unknowns’ are the future of data science

  • June 17 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

"Unknown unknowns" are going to form a significant part of the "rosy" future for data science and data scientists.That's according to Giles Pavey, head of data science and innovation for dunnhumy, an analytics consultancy whose clients include...Read More

RIS News Roadmap: Increasing Profits and Shopper Engagement with Advanced Price Optimization

  • June 07 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Increased consumer price sensitivity and price transparency are realities affecting retailers across the globe. To build customer loyalty and grow profits, retailers need to be smarter and more agile in the way they develop their pricing and...Read More

Love the Ones Your With: The Importance of Loyal Customers

  • June 04 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Creating a connection with consumers has always been an objective for leading beauty brands. Today, new paths to reach this goal are emerging as marketers are increasingly able to access consumer/customer data, a valuable data set that goes...Read More

How To Transcend ‘Above-The-Line’ And ‘Below-The-Line’ Thinking

  • May 28 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

In Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book, the Yooks are separated from the Zooks by a wall, an arbitrarily drawn line that defines their respective boundaries. They wage a battle suggestive of Cold War escalation, each side topping the other...Read More

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