When Twice Is Not As Nice – CRM and Loyalty Program Disconnects

  • December 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

I can’t think of a single time in my career when an executive has thought it a great idea to do something twice just for the fun of it. Investing twice, building twice, recruiting twice are not ideas that typically result in career glory...Read More

Affordability - Does Your Loyalty Program Stack Up?

  • September 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

Most businesses will periodically conduct a wholesale review of their loyalty strategy and if they have a loyalty program will ask the question "does our program stack up? Is there another way to get the same or better results?" Affordability and...Read More

Reciprocity in Loyalty Programs

  • July 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

Employee engagement is increasingly top of mind for most executives.  The fact that the happiness and motivations of people throughout the business has a direct relationship on their everyday actions might seem fairly obvious. What’s...Read More

Surprising and Delighting Customer to Loyalty

  • May 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

Loyalty programs are frequently clustered into “types.” These categories include points or currency based programs that give customers a real or fictitious currency in exchange for “good behavior.” Good behaviors might be...Read More

Programs Worth Launching

  • March 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

Some of the most common client concerns and questions we help to solve relate to loyalty programs – whether to have a loyalty program, whether to change it or whether to kill it.  The good news is there is plenty of evidence of what...Read More

A New Year’s Resolution: Implementing True Customer-Centricity

  • January 01 2015
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

As we begin the New Year, it is likely that many of us have personal and professional goals or resolutions for 2015. These goals could be for individual improvement, but this is also an advantageous time to take a look at the bigger picture. As...Read More

Loyalty Killers: Off Pricing or Just Questionable Value?

  • December 01 2014
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • , Howard Langer

Is it true that price is rarely on the mind of a satisfied customer? Evidence suggests that whilst price is often on the mind of many customers, it tends to take the backseat if the overall value perception is strong. As Warren Buffet once said...Read More

Loyalty Killers: Mystery

  • October 01 2014
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

In her previous articles in the Loyalty Killers series, dunnhumby’s Naomi Kasolowsky covered PDD, needless barriers, de-list dramas, and information. Now she tackles the fifth in her series on the failures large and small that contribute to...Read More

Loyalty Killers: Information

  • August 01 2014
  • Loyalty Management: Articles

The importance of providing great information for customers at every stage in the shopping experience cannot be underestimated. To be blunt, failing to provide the right information at the right time – and having a reputation for...Read More

Optimizing Promotions for Long-Term Loyalty: Feasible or Fantasy?

  • July 18 2014
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Dr. Paul Helman, KSS Retail, a dunnhumby company

Many retailers have come to realize that their paths to success cannot be primarily dictated by simply offering low prices à la Walmart. While some competitive matching may be important, prospering retailers are focused on making moves that...Read More

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