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Future Trends and Challenges of Customer Loyalty for Marketers

One of the most exciting sessions on the first day of Loyalty Expo 2019 was the general session with Jeff Sopko from Baesman. For the past 20 years...

Loyalty Today

Loyalty Today is your destination for daily insights from leading industry blogs. Hear from the best minds in the business and find content focusing on customer loyalty, engagement, CRM and more all in one place.

Can We Just Change the Channel? Five Ways to Streamline your E-Commerce Channel

 You bought what? As we move towards buying everything we want or need online, (Really? A Himalayan Salt Lamp and Bacon Flavored Floss...

In-Depth Exclusives

Loyalty360 In-Depth Exclusives are 1-on-1 interviews with industry leaders in the customer loyalty space. Each interview is unique to Loyalty360, and contains brand insights that can’t be found anywhere else.

Tarte and the Art of Customer Engagement: Part Two

This is the second installment of our Q&A with Kellen Fitzgerald, Director of Digital Marketing and Client Experience for Tarte Cosmetics. You...

Loyalty Management Online

Loyalty Management Online is your gateway to the latest news, trends, and interviews in the world of customer loyalty. Contributions from executives across the industry ensure a complete view of the state of the industry and diverse takes on where it may be heading in the future.

Participant Perspectives on the Future of Retail

What feedback loops and market research programs are your company taking to make sure you stay on the “cutting edge” of what your...

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Executive Perspectives is Loyalty360's research series dedicated to finding the pulse of customer loyalty from those that are driving it. Featuring responses from interviews with executives from top brands across a variety of industries, Executive Perspectives provides members with exclusive insight from market leaders that can't be found anywhere else.

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Developed from ideas shared at Loyalty360's annual conferences, these case studies represent best practices and industry advances from brands like Dunkin' Donuts and Regal Entertainment, written exclusively for members of Loyalty360.


Loyalty360 reports on news and trends related to loyalty marketing, customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer experience, CRM, voice of the customer and more. Our ongoing coverage is of interest to marketers and operations professionals in any industry.



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