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Pour Moi Skincare and Jebbit Executives Discuss Declared Data

Register for the webinar here! An intriguing new concept is circulating the loyalty industry right now: declared data. Declared data differs from...

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Overcoming The Privacy Vs Personalization Paradox

IMAGINE THIS...  You’re shopping for a birthday gift for your mom. She’s an avid bowler and while you don't care about...

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The Complete Guide to Creating a Declared Data Strategy

Creating a declared data strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how you can make your plan to collect and activate consumer...

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Loyalty360 Analyst Report | Jebbit

Jebbit’s mission is to eliminate all the inferences marketers have to make from third-party and first-party data and replace them with direct...



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Drive Engagement, Collect Data Through Dynamic Interactive Personalized Messaging

Webinar: October 22nd at 1pm ET || Register Now Learn how skincare brand, Pour Moi, did just that!  Our customers are expecting personalized...


Jebbit is the world’s first declared data platform. Committed to building a world of total data transparency, Jebbit’s mission is to make every experience assumption free by providing consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests and preferences. Powered by high-converting...

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