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Formation Executive Discusses Machine Learning

Machine learning is a much-discussed topic in the customer loyalty space. On the one hand, it seems to promise a level of marketing...

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Loyalty360 reports on news and trends related to loyalty marketing, customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer experience, CRM, voice of the customer and more. Our ongoing coverage is of interest to marketers and operations professionals in any industry.

Where Segmentation Falls Short

Download the White Paper to Learn MoreBasics like quality service and fair pricing are no longer enough. Modern consumers demand the best customer...

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7 Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs should be one of the cornerstones of any effective marketing strategy. According to Accenture's recent study found...



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Loyalty360 Executive Perspectives: Marketing Challenges in the Age of the Customer

Join Loyalty360 as we dive into the topic of "the biggest challenge you face as a senior marketer" in our next Loyalty360 Executive...


Formation.ai is an enterprise software company that enables the world’s largest brands to encourage customer behaviors that increase lifetime value. Using advanced machine learning, we determine what motivates each customer and provide hyper-personalized offers, incentives, and pricing that drive unprecedented ROI. Founded in 2015 and...

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