Advertising Age B-to-B Marketing Fact Pack: 30 Pages of Critical Information on Advertising Spending

  • December 17 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

 Advertising Age recently published their B-to-B Marketing Fact Pack. They describe it as an essential tool to navigate the b-to-b space. I would describe it as 30 pages of critical information on b-to-b advertising spending trends and...Read More

The Top 3 Direct Marketing Trends You Need To Account for When Creating a 2016 Direct Marketing Plan

  • December 14 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As 2015 draws to a close, our focus turns to the year to come. With the overwhelming number of opinions on marketing trends out there, it’s often hard to know which to pay attention to and which to ignore. To help you tune out the noise and...Read More

Retail Marketing: The Hustle & Bustle of Holiday Shopping

  • November 23 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

My friends and family say that I am a bit of a shopaholic. Ok, I am… I even bought the t-shirt. So not surprisingly, I look forward to the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season. Where do I find the best deals? In my mailbox, of...Read More

Four Principles of Direct Mail that Stand the Test of Time

  • November 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Every industry has a set of principles that hold true despite years of change, innovation and disruption. Direct marketing is no different. Although there is an expanding array of channels, when it comes to the overall marketing mix, direct mail...Read More

Direct Mail Testing: Your 3-Step Guide to Better Response Rates

  • November 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As direct marketers, we’re all looking for an edge, even just a slight adjustment to the offer, copy or design that will lead to better response rates. Would you believe me if I told you that something as simple as one sentence, just five...Read More

How Life Unfolds Campaign Shows the Personal Side of Paper

  • October 27 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Many of us remember the joy of receiving a birthday card from grandparents when we were younger. One of my colleagues said her grandmother always sent birthday cards with a half-dollar coin taped to the inside. It was the greatest thrill to feel...Read More

Direct Mail Frequency: How Many Times Should You Mail the Same Offer?

  • October 23 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Your team puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into every direct mail campaign. You’re meticulous about the offer, the creative, the timing, the list and the proper response channels. So you’re not going to put all that energy...Read More

The #1 Opportunity in Your Direct Marketing Strategy and How to Take Advantage of It

  • October 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Unfortunately, not every direct marketing strategy or campaign is a success. When things go south, there is usually no shortage of opinions on what the culprit was. But in all my years of experience, the number one reason a direct marketing...Read More

Your 4-Step Guide to Using Visual Elements in Direct Mail

  • October 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Last week we talked about the importance of visual data in direct mail. Either directly or indirectly, 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to visual interpretation at any given time, which makes direct marketing channels a great place to include...Read More

3 Reasons Visual Data is Essential to Direct Mail

  • October 10 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you look around at all the visual data that surrounds us, you would see it’s true. For example, take the humble road sign. Pedestrian crossings, railroad tracks and even back roads known...Read More

How to Make Your Direct Mail Feel High-End Without Breaking the Budget

  • October 07 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Some clients have a misconception that they can’t afford to have luxurious mailpieces that evoke a sense of high-end elegance. Or, they think that they have to sacrifice quantity for quality. We’re conditioned to believe that if it...Read More

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Millennials Prefer Content Marketing Over Brand Advertising

  • October 05 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Being a grownup is hard. Even the mundane things seem unnecessarily difficult. The current struggle in my life is my car needs new tires. So, like a responsible adult, I went and got several quotes. And because I’m no car enthusiast, I asked...Read More

Prevent These 3 Copywriting Mistakes

  • October 04 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

In a recent webinar by Shweiki Media Printing Company, copywriter Debra Jason noted that many businesses continue to make three major copywriting mistakes when it comes to crafting their marketing message. And believe it or not, they don’t...Read More

NFC Isn’t Just for Football: Is Near Field Communication a Star or Bust for Direct Mail?

  • September 28 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Fall officially starts in a few days, which means the National Football League regular season is in full swing (Go Colts!). If you asked most Americans what the initials “NFC” stand for, they would tell you “National Football...Read More

Please Your Prospects and Mother Nature: Making Direct Mail More Sustainable

  • September 27 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As companies continue to develop corporate sustainability plans focused on being better stewards of the environment, we are often asked for ideas on making direct mail more sustainable in efforts to help achieve specific sustainability goals...Read More

Consumers Care About Health and Wellness. Is Your Marketing Keeping Pace?

  • September 18 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Health and wellness are a key priority for consumers. In fact, 47 percent of consumers described themselves as “health conscious” in 2015. That’s up from 46 percent in 2010, according to Deloitte.Deloitte recently presented these...Read More

Does Your Disaster Recovery Provider Have A Backup Plan?

  • September 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The nation recently paused to remember the events of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast ten years ago. We at Mail-Gard also remember the impact this storm had on not one, but three of our customers. It was our first multiple...Read More

Stack the Deck: Increase Response by Using Plastic Cards

  • September 08 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Why do plastic cards have such a powerful impact on open rates for direct mail? The proverb, “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back,” comes to mind.Why Plastic Cards Make the ‘Keep’ PileWe’ve...Read More

Using External Data to Strengthen Your Marketing Program

  • September 04 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Our good friends at DataLab Data Solutions are back with another thoughtful article on data. This time, COO David Flam explains the necessity of combining performance data with external data to drive optimal results.Few will argue that...Read More

Four Metrics to Prove the Value of Mail to C-Suite Executives

  • September 01 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

C-suite executives are notoriously short on time. They tend to ask pointed questions, want data quickly and won’t tolerate a lengthy explanation that’s short on detail. With that in mind, we wanted to summarize four of the best metrics...Read More

Dynamic Content vs. Variable Content and What it Means to Design and Production

  • August 19 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As the ability to personalize direct mail messaging to each recipient has grown we’ve found there is an important distinction between variable content and dynamic messaging content.Variable content consists of chunks of text or images that...Read More

Can Direct Mail Impact Your Pay Per Click or SEO Efforts?

  • August 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We often talk about the benefits of direct mail in terms of increased sales. But another benefit we’ve only touched upon briefly is its ability to enhance pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.Stated...Read More

Partnership with Videk Helps Assure Consistent, High-Quality Production

  • August 13 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We’ve mentioned before that digital inkjet is the future of direct mail. In fact, in one of my recent posts I discussed the Inkjet Summit and highlighted some of the trends in digital print, including the importance of workflow and the...Read More

Size Matters: DMA Response Rate Report on Direct Mail Formats

  • August 07 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It didn’t surprise us to read in the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report that the format and size of the mailpiece used in your direct marketing campaign can impact your results. In fact, we have a lot of evidence and analysis that says direct...Read More

Travel Marketing: ‘Surprise and Delight’ to Stand Out

  • August 05 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Writing today’s post on travel marketing reminded me a bit of writing a “What did you do on your summer vacation?” essay. Let me explain.For my summer vacation, I spent a week in New Orleans visiting my mom, sister, brother-in...Read More

The Ultimate Call-to-Action Checklist

  • August 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The importance of a Call-to-Action (CTA) in a direct marketing campaign cannot be overstated. Next to the offer, it’s the most significant aspect of any mailpiece. It’s the how in the 5 W’s. You could have done everything right...Read More

Aim for Effective, Not Shakespeare in Marketing Copy

  • July 30 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Lately, I’ve come across some direct marketing pieces that are trying to be literary masterpieces instead of compelling, effective marketing copy. Some may argue that good writing is good writing, and that’s true—but good writing...Read More

Mail-Gard Happenings: Simultaneously Expanding & Going Lean

  • July 27 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It’s been a busy summer at Mail-Gard here in Warminster, PA. In addition to recovery testing and assisting our customers with some of their overflow, we’ve held some events that have enhanced both our sales and operations teams.We...Read More

How to Combine Email with Direct Mail for Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

  • July 24 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

In past articles about direct marketing strategy, we’ve shared how combining direct mail with email can be especially effective for driving the success of multi-channel marketing campaigns. In our experience, using these marketing tactics...Read More

Driving Marketing Success from Strategy through Execution

  • July 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Although we’re proud of our capital investments in printing technology, we don’t want to be thought of as simply being a printer or mailer. Those who are just getting to know us may ask, “What are you then?” The answer is...Read More

Your Mid-Year Postal Issues Update from IWCO Direct

  • July 18 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It’s been a busy first half of the year for those of us involved in postal issues. From concerns about postage rates, to operational changes that resulted in service performance challenges, to new options for connecting mail and digital, we...Read More

Our New Blog Compilation: The Best Direct Marketing Tips & Trends from IWCO Direct

  • July 16 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

This past June marked two years since joining IWCO Direct. Back then, I was a Marketing Intern with a blogging record circling right around the zero mark. A lot has changed in two years. I’m no longer an intern (I have fancy business cards...Read More

A Direct Mail Strategy to Engage the Senses

  • July 10 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Your direct mail package is competing for attention with other media channels and other mail pieces. To get your message noticed, consider whether your direct mail strategy engages all five senses of the recipient. After all, the greatest...Read More

If There Was a Direct Marketing Draft, Should You Choose Potential or Proven Performance?

  • July 03 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The NBA Draft was just last week, and our Minnesota Timberwolves selected Karl-Anthony Towns with the first overall pick. This got me thinking that the strategy used to draft professionals athletes isn’t much different than selecting which...Read More

Choosing a Direct Marketing Services Partner Who Can Connect the Dots

  • June 25 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We understand how complex direct mail campaigns can be and how difficult it is to keep one moving forward. When searching for the right direct marketing services partner, it’s important to look for a company that works to understand your...Read More

Who’s Your Daddy: Marketing to Men with Direct Mail

  • June 22 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Every year it seems like Millennials and moms get all the love from marketers. Of course both are key demographics. We’ve written at length about Millennials here, here and here—and last year consumers spent $19.9 billion on Mother...Read More

Start Selling with Our Best Direct Mail Copywriting Tips

  • June 15 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

I know I am not alone in learning the term “verisimilitude” from Herschell Gordon Lewis, and the concept is one of the greatest direct mail copywriting tips of all time. Lewis defines it as “the appearance of truth” and...Read More

Increase Response Rates with These 5 Design Tips for Variable Data & Content

  • June 08 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

With advances in digital printing, variable data and content has had a dramatic impact on direct mail response rates in recent years. But what some marketers may not realize is that this shift to integrating data and variable content also has an...Read More

Christmas in June? Three Tips for Holiday Direct Marketing Planning

  • June 04 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The holidays tend to sneak up on most people, but not direct marketers. Many have started their holiday direct marketing campaign planning, even now when the weather is warm and the holidays are the furthest thing from most peoples’ minds...Read More

Direct Marketing Case Study: Testing of New Packages Increases Personal Loan Lending

  • May 31 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We’re back with another direct marketing case study. Today we’re focused on a financial services provider, and its efforts to increase requests for personal loans through the strategic use of direct mail.OverviewAll direct marketing...Read More

8th Annual Loyalty Expo: Mail Matters as IWCO Direct & Best Western Shine

  • May 21 2015
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Those who know me will surely understand that “hot and humid” is not a forecast I look forward to. But even dew points in the 70s couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for this year’s Loyalty Expo in Orlando. The reasons for my...Read More

Google’s Anthony Phalen: Focus on Integration Between Print and Digital

  • May 19 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

My colleague, Hank Andersen, and I attended the annual New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA) conference earlier this week where we saw some old friends and made some new ones.Anthony Phalen from Google was the keynote speaker who...Read More

Education and Engagement Lead to a Stronger Customer Experience

  • April 23 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

We’ve recently shared updates on some of the key ways we’re transforming the customer experience model at IWCO Direct. From streamlining our workflow processes to refining how we approach customer integration and onboarding, we&rsquo...Read More

[Infographic] Five Sure-Fire Steps to Boost Open and Response Rates

  • March 28 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

A common trait of successful direct mail is clear, concise, compelling information—all in an attractive package. We often talk about applying these characteristics in loyalty or acquisition programs, and we’ve taken our own advice to...Read More

Great Customer Experience in Action

  • February 20 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Bad customer experience can ruin your whole day. All too often call centers put you on hold for far too long or your waiter gets your order wrong. So when we run into excellent customer experiences, we like to celebrate them and learn from what...Read More

4 Key Trends for Direct Mail in 2014

  • January 06 2014
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Welcome back everyone. Earlier this week we recapped the previous year in direct mail, including a number of changes we saw within the industry. Today we want to look ahead and share four key trends we see having a big impact on the direct mail...Read More

Want People to Remember Your Marketing Offer? Use Print

  • December 25 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

One of the biggest challenges for any marketing professional is getting people to remember their brand and their offer. How many times have you, or someone you know, described a TV commercial in great detail only to be unable to recall the...Read More

Online vs. Offline Data: Which is More Effective?

  • December 16 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Relevance is one of the single biggest drivers behind a successful direct mail campaign. This would not be possible without the effective use of data, which is a plentiful commodity in the marketing world. But there is a striking difference in...Read More

Community Giving Efforts Serve Local Families and Organizations

  • November 27 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The season of giving (and of giving thanks) has been in full swing at IWCO Direct. Each year, we look forward to serving our communities and doing our best to help those in need. Here’s a look at just some of the causes our employees have...Read More

The Secrets Behind Compelling Direct Mail Copy

  • November 26 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The importance of compelling direct mail copy as part of the overall package cannot be overstated. It’s the difference between the envelope being opened or tossed – and you only have seconds to make a lasting first impression. So find...Read More

With Direct Mail Design, It’s Only Creative If It Works

  • October 14 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

There’s a saying at IWCO Direct that direct mail is “only creative if it works.” In other words, a test package might look and read great, but underperform when it comes to what matters most – open and response rates. In...Read More

DM News: No Direct Mail Means Marketers Are ‘Missing Out’ with Millennials

  • October 10 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

A recent headline from Direct Marketing News caught my attention: “The DM Train to Engagement Land.” Sounds interesting, right? Curiosity piqued; I decided to read on. And it was the final quote from Chris Rimlinger, SVP of Money...Read More

Marketing Lessons Learned as a Frequent Flyer

  • August 26 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

You never know when (and where) a valuable marketing lesson will take place. For me, as a frequent flyer, my inspiration for this post occurred on two separate occasions above 10,000 feet. Hopefully it provides you with food for thought the next...Read More

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Communications

  • July 29 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is not only shaking up the healthcare landscape in America, but also the way healthcare providers communicate with their customers. These companies are developing integrated communication strategies to help reach...Read More

A Good Partner with Great People: How King Solutions is “MaKING a Difference”

  • July 22 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As the saying goes, “Customer is King.” At IWCO Direct, we subscribe to that philosophy too. Not only do we aim to provide an excellent experience for our customers, but as customers, we like to be given the royal treatment too. Our...Read More

PCI DSS Compliance Ensures Data Security

  • July 18 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

This morning we announced an expansion of our Level 1 PCI DSS 2.0 compliance certification across all our facilities. While the Mail-Gard® facility in Warminster, Pa., has been certified since 2007 – as well as meeting a number of...Read More

With Big Data Comes Big Opportunity

  • July 15 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

“Big Data.” Most marketers would agree that discussion over this term has exploded over the past few years. And due to an abundance of cheap storage, most marketers would also agree it’s easier than ever to collect and store...Read More

Partnership with Finch Paper Featured in Recent Case Study

  • July 01 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

One of the most rewarding aspects of SpeakingDIRECT has been expanding the conversation about the direct marketing and printing industries. As we’ve said in the past, we’re very proud of the many benefits direct mail offers to...Read More

The Lessons We’ve Learned About Lean Manufacturing Principles

  • June 28 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

After nearly four years of implementing Lean Manufacturing principles at IWCO Direct, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned, the positive impact Lean has had for us and our customers, and share some advice...Read More

Best Western Moves into the Customer Spotlight

  • June 24 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

This week I had the honor of moderating a Customer Spotlight with Best Western. For those unfamiliar with our Customer Spotlight program, it’s an opportunity to simultaneously strengthen employee and customer engagement by providing a...Read More

USPS Update Part 2: Exigent Postage Rate Increase, ‘Tech Credit’, Network Changes

  • June 22 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

As promised, we’re back for Part 2 of our postal issues update. Yesterday we dove into postal legislation and finances. Today we’ll cover the latest on a possible exigent postage rate increase, the proposed “Tech Credit&rdquo...Read More

USPS Update Part 1: Postal Legislation and Finances

  • June 20 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

It looks like it’s going to be a busy summer for those of us who follow postal affairs. While postal reform legislation and Postal Service finances remain hot topics, changes to USPS processing and retail networks continue, and the...Read More

Maximize Value with These Effective Direct Mail Techniques

  • June 14 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Even though it may not feel like June across much of the country, the calendar doesn’t lie. With June being Effective Communications Month, we’d like to share some of our experience on what makes direct mail most effective and answer...Read More

2012 Was A Banner Year for Paper Recycling

  • June 06 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Paper recycling is a major component of our sustainability efforts. We’re proud to have recently been recognized again by Pioneer Industries International for our recycling efforts and the resource savings achieved across our Minnesota and...Read More

2012 Was A Banner Year for Paper Recycling

  • June 06 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Paper recycling is a major component of our sustainability efforts. We’re proud to have recently been recognized again by Pioneer Industries International for our recycling efforts and the resource savings achieved across our Minnesota and...Read More

Attention High School Seniors—We Need You in the Graphic Arts

  • June 03 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Today we’ve invited a guest blogger to address an important challenge facing our industry. To many of you he needs no introduction, as Dr. John Leininger, Professor in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, is one of...Read More

Print Communications Are More Powerful Than Ever

  • May 28 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Not too long ago we received an email for an eBook entitled, “The Power of Print (in Marketing).” A cynic might find it curious that a book touting print communications is published as an eBook and promoted via email. But it’s...Read More

Enabling a ‘BetterU’: IWCO Direct Adds Novu to Health and Wellness Program

  • May 20 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Our “BetterU” health and wellness program has been an important (and sometimes life-changing) resource for our employees. In fact, Ged Maguire, Director of Scheduling/QA, shared his eye-opening lifestyle transformation through the...Read More

Three Commonly Asked Questions (with Answers) Surrounding Full-Service IMb

  • May 16 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

There have been many questions within the mailing community regarding Full-Service Intelligent Mail. Since January 2013, some form of Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) – either Basic or Full-Service – has been mandatory. It has been...Read More

Xplor Webinar Recap: Three Keys to Driving Integrated Marketing Campaigns

  • May 13 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

For those who enjoy reading and keeping up with our blog on a regular basis, you already know about Wednesday’s Xplor International webinar. If you’re a first time reader, or just happened to miss last week’s preview article...Read More

Three Ways to Cut Back on Your Direct Mail Printing Costs

  • May 08 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

I never think twice when receiving an opportunity to contribute to a publication like Target Marketing Magazine. I always enjoy sharing our experience at IWCO Direct with different audiences. So let’s cut to the chase. In its most recent...Read More

Commitment to Safety Marked by Industry Awards

  • May 07 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Today we have the pleasure of announcing that IWCO Direct has been recognized by the Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) and Minnesota Safety Council for excellent safety performance and ongoing dedication to implementing a comprehensive...Read More

Conference Roundup: Business Continuity and Recovery Top of Mind for Mail-Gard®

  • May 03 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Mail-Gard® has just returned from an exciting few weeks meeting and greeting customers and prospects at three business continuity and recovery conferences. While it feels like we just got done unpacking our bags, here’s the lowdown...Read More

Turn the Page on Going Paperless Claims

  • April 22 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Earth Day falls on April 22 each year and just so happens to be this Monday. Arbor Day is also this week on Friday, April 26. These internationally-recognized observances celebrate the environmental stewardship of individuals, communities...Read More

Using Direct Mail Designs to Improve Response

  • April 17 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Last month, at the 2013 National Postal Forum, Debora Haskel and I introduced the concept of official, hybrid and promotional direct mail designs, and how they increase open and response rates, during our “Creative Inspiration for Making...Read More

The Value of the Direct Mail Industry

  • April 08 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

At IWCO Direct, we are very proud of our industry. Recently, a local (Minneapolis) television affiliate ran a report on retailers requesting ZIP codes from customers at the point of sale, suggesting that providing this information may lead to...Read More

Make Sure Your Direct Mail Offers Don’t Make Prospects Feel Foolish

  • April 05 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

While we hope you didn’t fall for any April Fools’ jokes on Monday, this annual day of pranks got us thinking about the best ways to drive response to your direct mail offers that don’t make customers and prospects feel...Read More

Insurance Direct Mail on the Rise: Best Practices for Successful Campaigns

  • April 02 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

The insurance industry, specifically the Property and Casualty Insurance category, is poised for sustained growth according to Deloitte’s 2013 Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Outlook. And companies within the insurance industry...Read More

What’s Trending for Customer Loyalty Programs in 2013

  • April 02 2013
  • Resource: Loyalty Today

Over the past few weeks our team has been racking up the frequent flyer miles as we crisscrossed the country to attend various tradeshows. We’ve been to San Francisco for the National Postal Forum and Orlando for the DRJ Spring World...Read More