Wyndham Rewards Launches Guaranteed Rewards

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The Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program has launched Guaranteed Rewards, which is a new initiative that rewards members who might not travel as much as those who achieve Gold Tier Status. Guaranteed Rewards makes the Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program the only travel rewards program that offers Guaranteed Rewards with just one stay.

Guaranteed Rewards, which launched May 1, embraces the idea of loyalty versus frequency. Just because someone does not stay often does not mean they are not loyal to the program. Guaranteed Rewards cater to the customer that doesn’t travel for business and doesn’t necessarily have the budget to stay at a hotel 20 nights a year for leisure.

Wyndham Rewards has now “guaranteed” that everyone can receive something.

New low point-value items have been added to the redemption catalog to accommodate the members, such as:

Charity donations from 50 points

iPhone accessories for 300 points

Music Downloads from 340 points

Travel merchandise from 300 points

Magazine subscriptions from 600 points

Guaranteed Rewards means with each and every stay at any of the Wyndham Hotel Group’s 14 hotel brands, customers can earn enough points to receive a reward. Customers can also accumulate points and redeem them for free nights, gift cards, and other great rewards.

Robin Korman, Senior Vice President, Loyalty Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Wyndham Hotel Group, told Loyalty 360 that extensive consumer research revealed that many customers felt “it takes a long time to get to a reward hurdle. And that they have to buy a lot, stay a lot, and fly a lot to get anything meaningful.”

Generally, Korman said people have about 15 different rewards cards in their wallets.

“When we talk to customers at our hotels, if they’re not members it’s because they don’t stay enough for it to be a meaningful relationship,” Korman said. “From our behavioral profile, customers tend to be more interested in instant gratification. That’s the general feeling you see in the marketplace.”

Korman said that Wyndham Rewards officials felt this is such a universal feeling from customers, and no one has “filled the gap” with an opportunity that offers rewards for just one stay.

“We launched the Gold Tier program in March for our most frequent guests and they’re taken care of through that,” Korman said. “But many may not be able to reach thresholds like Gold Tier. The idea is people through Guaranteed Rewards can earn points from a one-night stay that can be redeemed for a menu of different items that they find utility in every day. Everyone wants to feel they got some good value.”

Lowering reward point thresholds is an attempt to make redemption easier for members, Korman said.

“I don’t think any program actually guarantees you would get something after one transaction,” she said. “It’s unique to Wyndham Rewards. The goal is to attract less frequent customers and target those customers and make them feel the program can work for them and show them how easy it is to participate in the program.”

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