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What Are This Season’s Trade Shows Telling Us?

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Mocapay has been to several trade shows lately including Loyalty 360 (loyalty360.org), RAMP (retailramp.com) and ETA (electran.org) – the mobile space is hotter than ever right now and everyone is excited to play!  Mobile Loyalty and marketing are generating the most buzz and mobile payments are causing much excitement.  The ability to integrate into the POS and third party data bases seems to be helping Mocapay to get attention where others may not.  The United States is considered to be behind in mobile commerce by many industry experts.  Mobile commerce has already become mainstream in many countries, where commercial banking and card based payments are not ingrained into the population.  Countries with more developed financial infrastructures are also ahead of the U.S., but what this season's trade shows are telling us is the U.S. is now ready  and has begin adoption of mobile commerce technologies.

We are exicited to be attending NRA Show 2012 (http://www.restaurant.org/show/) this weekend in Chicago as well!


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