Is Facebook a challenge or an opportunity?

According to Warren Murray, Facebook is an opportunity. Warren is the head of business decision support at eBucks, South Africa’s leading multi-partner rewards program.

More people have Twitter and Facebook accounts. More people are following others.  Warren sees these channels becoming more of a marketplace, reducing the reliance on the online e-commerce sites. They won’t replace them – they will become yet another channel.

Looking back over the last 10 years, Warren says that every time a new channel or partner is added to the program, it has stirred interest in customers who seemed dormant in terms of earning or spending eBucks.

But this time, social media has the promise of awakening far more interest. By combining existing data with interests, opinions and a person’s circle of friends, the possibilities for relevant marketing go through the roof – and not just in terms of improving relevance, but also when experimenting with incentives and experiences.

Warren Murray, Head of Business Decision Support at eBucks

Watch and listen to Warren as he outlines the major challenges & opportunities at eBucks, and the technology they are using to improve.

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By: Jonathan Hornby

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