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Employers Building Health and Wellness into Benefits Plans

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A survey of 536 mid-sized businesses in Michigan alone showed that 27% tied incentives such as lower monthly premiums to health goals. 61% of employers surveyed planned to add incentives into their insurance benefits program within the next 2 years. For employers who do not want to take the step of affecting employee insurance fees, many more employers are tying health and wellness programs that are more carrot based to their office environments.Try offering rewards such as gift cards to retailers that assist with healthy living such as CVS/Pharmacy, GNC, and Whole Foods; in exchange for participating in biometric screenings, and for reaching health goals such as weight loss or elimination of conditions such as diabetes. The carrot-based programs focus on lower costs for employers, and raising health awareness for employees, rather than implementing potential penalties in connection with employees’ insurance benefits.

How do you implement Health and Wellness programs at your organization? Do you take a carrot based approach or do you use potential penalties to prevent employees from participating in unhealthy behavior?

By Rachel Merkin

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