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7 Ways a National Brand Can Create Email Opt Outs

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7 Ways to Get Opt Outs from your Corporate and Local Email Marketing Efforts

Creating a coordinated corporate and local email marketing program can be challenging.  However, if not done properly, what could have been an effective marketing tool can have the totally opposite effect.  Here’s how:

  1. Send irrelevant information– nothing says “run from me” quite like an email that has nothing to do with me.  
  2. Send too frequent of messages – there truly is too much of even good things. Opt out buttons fix that problem. 
  3. Send redundant messages – getting the same message from the brand and the local company can be a little irritating.  Saying farewell to corporate solves that problem.
  4. Send mixed messages – so the brand message says one thing and the local messages says another.  Really?
  5. Make it hard to take action – don’t send me a compelling offer and then make it hard to click through for information on how to take action.
  6. Have a really bad subject line – you may be offering something of value but the subject line says don’t bother ready this.  Opting out responds to that call to action.
  7. Make me use my computer – if it’s a good email but hard to read on my phone, don’t bother sending it to me.  Here, I’ll help with that.

Saepio’s latest Distributed Marketing Leadership Series guidebook, Creating Effective Integrated Email Campaigns at the National and Local Level, provides practical guidelines for corporate marketers on how to ensure that corporate and local email marketing campaigns are aligned and effective and not providing any of the seven reasons to opt out.  Download your complimentary copy today.

By: Abby Crosthwait

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