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Incentive Air Experience: It’s the Only Way to Fly

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Each year, you invest significant dollars in travel incentive programs that recognize your top performers. You carefully select, review and re-review every detail of the on-site experience so that each element reflects the importance of the event.

But do you give air travel arrangements the same consideration?

More and more, the answer is no. Instead, flight arrangements for travel incentive programs are treated like corporate travel, where speed and price take precedence over a positive air travel experience. Companies use online booking tools designed for single business travelers—but these don’t provide the high-touch customer service and flexibility needed for incentive travelers and their guests. And using these tools to generate reports about your travel program is often cumbersome, if available at all. 

Your travelers’ flight experience will set the tone for the entire incentive program, so it’s imperative to make it a good one. How? By finding an event partner that will manage the air travel experience for your program as closely as they manage the on-site experience.

Our Approach
At ITA Group, we create the best possible air travel experience for your participants by being informed and actively engaged in the travel process from start to finish, destination selection to financial reconciliation. In the planning stage, we troubleshoot and make recommendations based on your historical data and market trends. Then, during operations, we look for the best flight schedule and price for your program, employing quality control and day-of-travel flight monitoring to make sure surprises are minimal and solutions are readily available to your travelers. Plus, we’re able to provide and customize reports to fit your needs.

It’s no secret that with air travel today, there’s always the potential for the unexpected. But by selecting an experienced provider like us, you can manage any circumstance for the best possible outcome—and leave your participants remembering the wonderful time they had on your program, not their flight.

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