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Ad Blocking vs. The Power of Permission


There has been much fanfare around new technology purpose-built on a simple, but economically powerful proposition— code that can slip by even the most sophisticated ad blocking technology. Sounds... Read More


Aspect Software, Inc.

At age 21, SMS text messaging is finally growing up. Time for big business. Time for business2consumer communication. Finally! But let’s have a closer look at how SMS... Read More

6 Steps to Building a Successful Marketing Analytics Organization


Analytics can benefit companies of all shapes and sizes. Demand for analytics is at an all-time high with results from The CMO Survey showing that organizations will increase spending on... Read More

What Are the Top 4 Marketing Channels With the Highest ROI?


With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing channels are quickly outpacing traditional channel strategies. Simply put, digital marketing is essential in today’s fast-paced environment, and... Read More

Preparing for Micro-Moments


The other day I was waiting to speak with the pharmacist at my local drugstore. As I sat in the waiting area, my view was of the nearby cosmetics aisle.... Read More

Top 4 Reasons Users Delete Mobile Apps


Most consumers do not delete mobile apps. In fact, once an app is on a mobile device—whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or tablet—it&rsquo... Read More

3 Big Data Analytics Trends That Need to Happen to Help Marketers

Cogensia Loyalty Solutions

Companies have invested in many different platforms, technologies, and customer-facing initiatives to move towards an integrated, personalized marketing approach. This has created large integration challenges, redundancies, and hype by suppliers... Read More

How is Big Data Changing the World?


How is Big Data Changing the World? When we talk about Big Data, many of the examples and use cases we share center around how Big Data is changing the... Read More

CMOs Report That Data Technology is More Important Than Ever


CMOs are spending big on technology this year. One of the major priorities driving this spend is “getting their data together”. According to a study by Conductor[1], 61% of... Read More

How Technology is Providing the Perfect Fit Between Footwear Brands and Customers


Ryan Rose strategically advises an array of leading footwear providers on the technology and strategy behind delivering personalized customer experience to ultimately generate loyalty. From Asics and New Balance to... Read More

How Marketers Can Generate a Constant Stream of Leads from Big Data


Data is everywhere. The number of unique data sources out there is larger than any one organization can wrangle. And make no mistake – these big data sets are thesource... Read More

3 Ways to Bring Innovation out of Employees


With the recent acquisition of HintTech, Tahzoo nearly doubled in size. I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of maintaining Tahzoo’s unique culture through this... Read More