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Testing the Value Behind Value Propositions


How valuable is your proposition? Value propositions are a two-way street. From the company they are a promise of value to be delivered and from the customer’s perspective... Read More

The Fickleness of Youth: Are Millennials Loyal?

Bond Brand Loyalty (formerly Maritz Loyalty Marketing)

While in high school my stepdaughter appeared stamped from a mold. She and her fellow clones would wear reassuring uniforms commonly accepted in the suburbs. American Eagle, Hollister, Lululemon, and... Read More

Marketers Can’t Treat Customers as Nameless, Faceless

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Today’s fitful starts at marketing personalization are remarkable for how much they take us back to the future. It wasn’t that long ago when... Read More

If Relevance is the Gateway to Engagement then Content is the Key


Over 99% of online advertising is wasted. This claim is supported by the most recent benchmark study by DoubleclickD noting that the average click through rate (CTR) is a... Read More

5 Ways iOS 8 Will Change the App Game, Is Your App Prepared?


Apple has announced the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus product launch for September 19th as well as the highly anticipated iOS 8, which launched today. Two days before a new... Read More

Why Customer Journeys?


There’s a lot of talk these days about “the customer journey.” You’ve probably either seen the term, used it yourself, or glossed over it... Read More

Reflections from the Back of the Bus: The CMO (Marketer) Challenge!


It has been a while since I last penned a piece. Summer (for those of you who have kids) tends to be a time when the challenges of balance come... Read More

Five Lessons from Effective Customer Loyalty Programs


Tags on keychain = loyalty? Maybe not. How many loyalty tags do you have on your keychain?  Five? Six? Ten? Would you say those tags make you more loyal, or... Read More

3 Reasons Why Cognitive Systems Will Revolutionize Customer Experience


Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a column with a provocative headline that read: It’s Time to Take Artificial Intelligence Seriously. In the article, the WSJ explains... Read More

Little-Known Facts about People-Counting Software


Not long ago, people-counting technology seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie. But these days, the software is fairly common—used by a wide range of end users, especially... Read More

Goal Setting: A Four-Point Health Check


It’s that time of the year. Goal setting is in the air as companies prepare for year-end budgets and planning, and executives are asking: “What should we... Read More

Centralizing Data to Optimize Preference Management


Preference management should be a central repository connected to all departments, units, and appropriate applications. If information isn't easily available across the enterprise, customers will be lost through repetition,... Read More