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The Cost of Doing Nothing With Your Marketing

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

If you’re a retail marketer, you’re constantly being bombarded by messages about how to drive traffic and increase sales. You’re probably being told that... Read More

One Scary Stat that Proves the Importance of Preference Management


We’ve spent a lot of time in this space talking about preventing opt-outs through preference management - the active collection, maintenance and distribution of unique consumer characteristics, such... Read More

Four Steps to Increased Employee Engagement


Research has shown that companies with highly engaged employees perform better financially and have higher customer satisfaction. Yet many organizations fail to provide employees with the four key elements for... Read More

How Rituals Can Inspire Customer Loyalty

Maritz Motivation Solutions

How Rituals Can Inspire Customer Loyalty By: Barry Kirk Loyalty programs are awesome at motivating customers to gradually develop habits that benefit both themselves and the brand. Then... Read More

Four Tricks to Treating Loyal Customers (and Avoiding a Haunting Oversight)


If ever there were a masked opportunity in loyalty marketing, I’d call it Halloween. Retailers have been quite clever in scaring up additional sales of candies, costumes and... Read More

Kansas City Companies Partner to Provide In-App Marketing Strategy, Technology and Personalized Customer Experiences


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Miller Meiers, an award-winning marketing and advertising agency in Kansas City and Lawrence, KS. Mobile is here. Customers expect to have... Read More

The Most Important eCommerce Feature is Customer Experience


I just read a new report from Forrester Research’s Sucharita Mulpuru entitled, “Must-Have eCommerce Features.” What stood out was that most of the features... Read More

Big Data: We’ve Only Just Begun

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Data has existed in the modern business world for a long time (think manila folders in file cabinets in every office on every floor). Digitized data has been around for... Read More

Voice of the Customer: Listening Isn’t Enough


While an increasing number of companies are investing in Voice of the Customer programs, many haven’t realized the level of impact across their businesses that they hoped for.... Read More

Reflections from the “Back of the Bus” – 2014: A Time to Revisit the Five C’s of Loyalty!


Early last year we presented the idea of the five C’s of loyalty: collaboration, content, community, commitment, and commerce. Loyalty as an idea and a discipline has evolved... Read More

Your Marketing Apps Aren’t Flexible and You Know It

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

It sounded great when the pitch was made a while back: You signed up for marketing software that would solve all the challenges that were known at the time.... Read More

Is Innovation Like Sex – Wishing We Did It More?


Innovation isn’t a new buzzword. In fact it might be the original buzzword. A lot of people are talking about doing it, but not a lot actually are,... Read More