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5 Ways Mobile App Marketers Can Use Location Technology


It used to be that if you wanted to drive people in the immediate vicinity to step inside your store, you’d use a glaring neon sign or a... Read More

Are You There, News? It’s Me, Snapchat.

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Sitting in my cozy Boston office, sipping coffee, I’m suddenly transported to Washington State’s Cascade Mountain Range, soaring above the mile-high Cowboy Mountain and scanning Tunnel... Read More

Will Wearable Watches Drive the Cars of the Future?


First it was central locking, then the transponder key. Will wearable watches be driving the cars of the future? As yet, the wearables market overall remains significantly untapped. Both industry... Read More

Innovations That Will Revolutionize the Customer Engagement Industry

Exchange Solutions

Very soon, Exchange Solutions will be rolling out an improved version of our customer engagement platform   that will facilitate our data-driven approach to individualized offers faster and... Read More

Enhancing the Customer Experience Leveraging the Email Channel


As marketers, we strive to continuously provide a positive experience for our customers.  Email is a channel, in which every company is engaged in today. But email offers so... Read More

The Silent Rise of Chat in Customer Service Adoption


Continuing on the delivery of the early insights into the third version of the customer service adoption and usage study we are conducting with our friends at KANA®, A... Read More

The Challenge of Listening and Creating True Brand Loyalty


When I sat down to talk to Mike Mansbach, CEO of customer engagement and insights platform Punchtab, one thing became very clear: The two of us were trying to understand... Read More

Final Frontier for Contact Centers: Business Process Efficiency


Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its 5-year mission. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and... Read More

Marketers Can’t Treat Customers as Nameless, Faceless

Today’s fitful starts at marketing personalization are remarkable for how much they take us back to the future. It wasn’t that long ago when... Read More

Moving Towards Real Insights: Translating Big Data for Your Business and Customers


These days, the term “Big Data” seems to be synonymous with an opinion – everybody has it. But it’s more than just a buzzword or ... Read More

Marketing Analytics for Attribution Modeling

Marketing attribution has been a hot topic for marketers as long as we’ve had marketing. Everybody talks about it, few really know how to do... Read More

Mobile Is Shaking Up Traditional Loyalty Marketing Programs


Loyalty programs have been incredibly enduring — from that very first American Airlines frequent flyer program in 1981 to the Starbucks Card Rewards program nearly 30 years later. The average U.S.... Read More