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Industry Clouds: A Disruptive Business Practice


We know that technology will continually redefine the way we live and do business. New disruptive technologies seem to appear daily. Less frequently, however, we learn of business processes that... Read More

How to Be Happier at Your Next Job


Whether we’re conscious of it or not, there are certain characteristics that we typically prioritize when we’re looking for our ideal job. These often include a... Read More

Keep it Short and Simple: A Guide to Respondent Engagement


My interest as of late as turned to surveys that support employee loyalty, however, today’s topic applies just as well to consumer or B2B market research. As... Read More

Benefits and Challenges of Submitting to the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme

In 2009, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) was tasked with establishing a system that could identify and encourage the adoption of new or novel medical devices and... Read More

Becoming Customer Centric Is a Journey Not a Destination


Last week I had a great opportunity to present my thoughts around customer centricity in the financial service’s industry at an AMA webinar. The webinar was an excellent... Read More

You Can’t Rush a Business to the Altar. The 3 Stages of a Long-Term B2B Relationship.


In B2B marketing, content is the currency for customer data “value exchange.” With increased focus on privacy in recent years, the stakes have gotten higher with... Read More

The Challenge of Listening and Creating True Brand Loyalty


When I sat down to talk to Mike Mansbach, CEO of customer engagement and insights platform Punchtab, one thing became very clear: The two of us were trying to understand... Read More

If You Care About Customer Experience, You Need to Care About Cloud


The cloud is not only transforming the customer technology journey, but it is also shifting how companies think about the customer experience.In the past, customer experience teams tended to... Read More

Omnichannel And The Truth About Your Mobile App


Mobile application adoption and usage by customers is increasing rapidly across the globe with more and more customers using it as their primary method for self-service. In fact, RackSpace recently... Read More

The Silent Rise of Chat in Customer Service Adoption


Continuing on the delivery of the early insights into the third version of the customer service adoption and usage study we are conducting with our friends at KANA®, A... Read More

When Will Belgians Embrace Mobile Payment?

The use of mobile payment is in its infancy in Belgium, yet awareness is relatively high. Our latest research highlights some of the obstacles to widespread adoption, and suggests how... Read More

User Experience is Disrupting the Financial Industry

New services are focusing on impeccable design in web, mobile, and broader support services to allow them to engage consumers in new ways. On the one hand, we are seeing... Read More