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A 20-point Scrabble Word That Matters: Quality


Try as we might, we aren’t ubiquitous creatures. When you can’t be everywhere at once, there is usually data somewhere to fall back on. So you... Read More

Safe City Programs Spread Around the World


Around the globe, new Safe City programs are being initiated every year. Cities both large and small are looking at ways in which they can unify the efforts of various... Read More

6 Surveys You Need to Conduct this Holiday Season


Just 34 days make up the commerce-laden holiday season bookended by Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It’s a short window of time representing billions of dollars in... Read More

InComm and PayPal Collaborate to Offer Digital Gift Cards


InComm today announced that PayPal will utilize the InComm Digital Solutions (IDS) platform to support PayPal’s digital gifts services. The partnership will help to connect hundreds of IDS-integrated... Read More

Qantas Launches Analytics Venture, Red Planet

Hanifin Loyalty LLC

Qantas Loyalty, the customer loyalty arm of the giant Australian airline, has launched a data analytics firm known as Red Planet. The new company is positioning the massive data... Read More

Surveying Seniors and Other Difficult to Reach Populations


Much of the change in the market research industry revolves around moving data collection online. Tools such as Cvent are excellent at collecting survey data interactively, yet they are also... Read More

Forrester Research Predicts Preference-Driven Customer Personalization in 2015


Forrester Research analysts Luca Paderni and Shar VanBoskirk recently offered some interesting 2015 predictions for marketing professionals. The brief includes a special section on preference management where Paderni and... Read More

Whose Story Are You Telling?


Sometimes a life lesson smacks you right upside the head—and if you’re anything like me, it may take a day, a month, or even a year... Read More

The Power of Real Time Dashboards In Agile Development: Visualize & Attack


I want to share a couple things that our team has learned along our journey into real-time production monitoring.  Mainly, it’s about the realizations we&rsquo... Read More

The Day Marketers Could Hear Through the Noise

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

In the world of the marketer, disruption has become the norm. Technology has changed the way marketers do business more than any other role in the organization, and marketers... Read More

A Relationship Is More Than A Moment


Sometimes it seems as if 2014 is the year of the “moment” in mobile marketing. But moments are, by definition, transient, short-lived and often irrelevant. A moment without a... Read More

What Next for the Shopping Mall? The Blended Shopping Experience


The advent of digital has changed – and continues to change – the way we shop for everything, from clothes to cars. Our latest research shows that rather... Read More