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Customer Experience: How to Rise above Competitors


Companies that compete solely on price or product are facing a losing battle. It’s simply not enough to differentiate a company in today’s market. On the... Read More

Goal Setting from the Shark Tank

Maritz Motivation Solutions

I rarely watch TV unless the Cardinals or the Packers are featured. I’ve never watched the ABC reality show“Shark Tank,” and I... Read More

Voice Biometrics Helps Improve the Customer Experience


In a feature earlier this month, Biometric Update put the spotlight on Verint’s announcement that it has added voice biometrics capabilities to its enterprise workforce optimization... Read More

Use National High Five Day as a Day for Employee Appreciation.

Rymax Marketing Services

Ever wonder why good, hard-working employees leave their job? Simply put, you haven’t met the employee’s needs. Feeling underappreciated causes a sense of uncertainty, counteracting an... Read More

The Rise of the Enterprise App


These days, it seems like there is an app for EVERYTHING. So why would a business or organization want to create another one? Good question. Our answer: Because you... Read More

Today’s Branches – Bigger Isn’t Always Better


As consumers, we’ve been taught that bigger—or more—is always better. More money. Bigger houses. Larger data plans. All-you-can eat buffets. However, this is not... Read More

The Challenge of Listening and Creating True Brand Loyalty


When I sat down to talk to Mike Mansbach, CEO of customer engagement and insights platform Punchtab, one thing became very clear: The two of us were trying to understand... Read More

How Digital Anthropology Improves Customer Experience [Video]

One of the earliest lessons in marketing and sales is that you should know your customer. What does the customer profile look like? How do customers behave and what triggers... Read More

How Your Contact Center Can Help Reduce Mobile Fraud


Many of today’s banks may not immediately associate the call center with billions of dollars in online and mobile fraud losses. However, banks and card issuers might be... Read More

Why Marketers Need to Focus on Customer Experience

Did you know that companies will lose billions of dollars this year due to bad customer experiences? In fact, companies will lose more than $31 billion in revenue over the... Read More

4 Micro-Segmentation Tips to Promote Sales Growth

Rymax Marketing Services

Increasing transparency of business practices with the ever-rising complexity of fierce global internet competition has made it challenging for B2B corporations to market themselves. As the digital marketing landscape... Read More

6 Key Elements to Consider When Choosing a Personalized Video Platform

Idomoo Ltd.

So you’ve decided to go PV (Personalized Video) and use Personalized Videos to improve your communication with your customers. But where do you start? How do you know... Read More