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Exploring How to Get in Sync with Mobile Customers


Customers on a Mobile Journey Mobile technology and the advent of tablets and smartphones have transformed whole industries and are changing customer behavior in ways that impact marketers around the... Read More

Engine Oil in Nigeria: an Opportunity for Large Engine Oil Brands


GfK has mapped the market for engine oil in Nigeria and found that large engine oil brands have an opportunity to gain share in Africa’s most populous country. ... Read More

Death By Data Silo

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Knowing your customer is all about connecting the dots of information that represent your customer’s “footprint” across the digital spectrum. The more dots you have, the... Read More

Turning Data Into Dollars: 4 Steps for Valuing Insights (Ahead of Regulators)


For many marketers today, the key challenge in collecting customer information is figuring out how to best use it. In the near future, that challenge may change to putting a... Read More

Want to predict your customer’s next move?


People are funny. They’re often fickle, choosy, demanding and impatient. At times, they’ll say one thing and then do another. So when they become customers, how... Read More

Digging the Most Out of the Qualitative Data Mine


Data quality is directly related to question quality. Nowhere is this truer than with open-ended questions. Qualitative research draws deeply from the well of consumer thought. The use of unstructured... Read More

The Most Important eCommerce Feature is Customer Experience


I just read a new report from Forrester Research’s Sucharita Mulpuru entitled, “Must-Have eCommerce Features.” What stood out was that most of the features... Read More

Reflections from the “Back of the Bus” – 2014: A Time to Revisit the Five C’s of Loyalty!


Early last year we presented the idea of the five C’s of loyalty: collaboration, content, community, commitment, and commerce. Loyalty as an idea and a discipline has evolved... Read More

Alleviating Loyalty Program Frustrations with Strategic Consumer Management


Mark Harrington is the VP of Marketing at Clutch. A recently released study on customer engagement loyalty from Colloquy found that 54 percent of loyalty program members... Read More

A Solution to the CPG-Retailer Dilemma

Bond Brand Loyalty (formerly Maritz Loyalty Marketing)

Attention CPG brands! You are accustomed to retailers calling the shots and controlling the consumer relationship. You have also invested massive marketing dollars on acquisition based tactics... Read More

Fall Loyalty Recap: Our Favorite Back-to-School Promotions

Verify Engage

It’s that time of year when the days are markedly shorter, the weather is noticeably cooler and the house is much quieter. The kids are finally ... Read More

Big Data: We’ve Only Just Begun

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Data has existed in the modern business world for a long time (think manila folders in file cabinets in every office on every floor). Digitized data has been around for... Read More