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Discounting is Here to Stay – Or is it?


With the option to buy via several different channels, shoppers have become very aware of choosing the best price and often wait for the now inevitable – and seemingly ever... Read More

Digital Marketing - It’s Really About People.


We live in the age of big data - just about everything is evolving and the pace of technological change is accelerating. More and more parts of our lives... Read More

Stop Asking Millennials, Hire Them


mil·len·nial miˈlenēəl noun 1. a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000; a Generation Yer.  Prior to starting my grown up career at... Read More

Connect the Customer Journey with Enterprise Workload Management


Businesses all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their customer-facing processes – from the front office to the back office.  To stay competitive, businesses... Read More

Gap v. Lincoln a.k.a. Matthew McConaughey & the VOC


Alright, alright, alright,. In case you missed it, there were two advertising campaigns launched around the same time that recently garnered a lot of interest in the ad world, and... Read More

The Internet of Things for the Masses: Increasing Engagement in a Digitized World


The Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as the digitizing of reality, the connectedness of the real world, the online extension of … everything. Simply put, IoT is the... Read More

Five Lessons from Effective Customer Loyalty Programs


Tags on keychain = loyalty? Maybe not. How many loyalty tags do you have on your keychain?  Five? Six? Ten? Would you say those tags make you more loyal, or... Read More

Marketers Can’t Treat Customers as Nameless, Faceless

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Today’s fitful starts at marketing personalization are remarkable for how much they take us back to the future. It wasn’t that long ago when... Read More

Technology, Sport, or Fashion Brands – Where do Consumers Turn to for Their Wearables?


From activity trackers to data glasses to smart watches, wearable technology is heralded by many as the next big thing. As a result the market is not only becoming crowded... Read More

Five Ways to Drive Value Through Marketing in a Digital World


“Companies that make the deep strategic, organizational, and operational shifts required to become effective digital marketers can become more agile, more productive, and accelerate revenue growth.” - McKinsey ... Read More

Six Steps to Track Results and Prove ROI for Preference Management


A five-part series about the implementation of preference management By limiting the scope of the original preference management project, enterprises can simplify metrics and create powerful business cases for additional... Read More

[Infographic]: Customer Retention Facts


We’ve all heard that organizations who increase customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by as much as 95%, but did you know that a 2% increase in retention is... Read More