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It’s Almost 2015. Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?


The leaves are falling, it’s getting colder and the Halloween decorations are everywhere. If you’re like many of us, it’s also the time of... Read More

The End of Zombie Marketing

TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Zombie marketing is more common that you may think. A zombie marketer is one that thoughtlessly shuffles along with poor visibility into a company’s near- and long-term effectiveness... Read More

Mind-numbing Consistency and CX

Walker Information

Recently, my daughter's swim coach had a parent meeting. During the meeting he talked about one of his coaching philosophies, which the described as mind-numbing consistency. For him, mind-numbing... Read More

Fighting to the Death with a Zombie: 3 Important Lessons on Teamwork

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Never in my life did I think I would be running away from a zombie, but that’s exactly what I did on a recent adventure. I embarked on... Read More

Measuring the Top and Bottom


When we present survey data we have choices in how that data is presented. As survey analysts it is our role to present the facts in an unbiased manner which... Read More

Why Bacon Content is a Strategic Must Have for Your Company


First, I know what you’re thinking… What the hell is Bacon Content? Well, bacon is equal to all things irresistible. Ian Truscott coined the term ... Read More

The Most Important eCommerce Feature is Customer Experience


I just read a new report from Forrester Research’s Sucharita Mulpuru entitled, “Must-Have eCommerce Features.” What stood out was that most of the features... Read More

Big Data: We’ve Only Just Begun

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Data has existed in the modern business world for a long time (think manila folders in file cabinets in every office on every floor). Digitized data has been around for... Read More

Reflections from the “Back of the Bus” – 2014: A Time to Revisit the Five C’s of Loyalty!


Early last year we presented the idea of the five C’s of loyalty: collaboration, content, community, commitment, and commerce. Loyalty as an idea and a discipline has evolved... Read More

Alleviating Loyalty Program Frustrations with Strategic Consumer Management


Mark Harrington is the VP of Marketing at Clutch. A recently released study on customer engagement loyalty from Colloquy found that 54 percent of loyalty program members... Read More

Suggested Reading: Hedge Fund Trends: Mobile Commerce Retailing

Gold Mobile

According to new data from Michael Zimmerman’s hedge fund Prentice Capital, one-third of online shoppers now only use their mobile devices when shopping. With mCommerce sales trending, developing... Read More

Is Innovation Like Sex – Wishing We Did It More?


Innovation isn’t a new buzzword. In fact it might be the original buzzword. A lot of people are talking about doing it, but not a lot actually are,... Read More