Loyalty Management

  • Tap Into Data to Build Brand Loyalty

    It’s no surprise that today, more than ever, customers are engaging online.  And the more consumers engage online, the more data brands have at their disposal to... Read More

  • Banking on Loyalty: A European Snapshot

    Put in the most simplistic terms, loyalty programs are so valuable because customer satisfaction drives better financial results for payment services providers. The success of these programs lies in the... Read More

  • How to Engender Greater Loyalty Through Using Your Promotional Marketing Channels?

    The proliferation of customer channels, driven by technological developments, have given brands more ways to reach a customer or prospect than ever before. Promotional marketing has been completely transformed by... Read More

  • Technology a Cornerstone of Customer Friendly Sporting Kansas City

    Sporting Kansas City, champions of MLS (Major League Soccer) in 2013, has such a compelling and efficient technology system installed at its Sporting Park stadium that it has attracted fans from... Read More

  • Small Steps Lead to Big Customer Engagement Results

    We’re all familiar with the scene: a solitary fisherman astride a rushing river, his fly dancing across the water as he flicks his rod back and forth. It... Read More

  • How to Keep Your Loyalist Base Growing (Part 3 of 3)

    Driving nearly half of a brand’s total revenue, loyalists hold the fate of your brand in their hands. Having a firm understanding of your loyalist base is critical... Read More

  • How Benchmarking Brings Valuable Insight to Your Loyalty Program

    We benchmark ourselves against one another every day.  Like it or not we have barometers all around us letting us know how we stack up.  We incorporate comparison... Read More

  • The Ultimate, Definitive, Never-Need-to-Read-another-Word on the Pros and Cons of NPS Article

    I can’t take seeing yet another article extolling the virtues/lambasting the shortcomings of NPS. So I want to lay it all on the table – the good,... Read More

  • When it Comes to Omni-Channel Consistency, the (Voice of the) Customer is Always Right

    The speed of change brought about by technological advances has brought with it certain expectations. One of those expectations is that customers and prospects will have a consistent experience of... Read More

  • Buying Your Customers’ Behavior – New Credit Card Acquisition Promotions

    In my last article, I discussed understanding your customers’ credit card preferences from an incumbent credit card perspective.  This article focuses on using promotions as a way to... Read More

  • Give Your Travel Rewards Customers Something to Tweet About (And Several Other Ideas to Boost Engagement)

    “See the world,” wrote Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, “It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” Fellow writer, Kate Douglas Wiggin... Read More

  • How Timeshare Exchange Company Interval International Retains Its 2 Million Customers By Using Rewards

    Interval International has been a pioneer and innovator in the vacation timeshare market for nearly 40 years. With an exchange network of nearly 2,900 resorts, including brands such as Hyatt, Marriott and... Read More

  • Buffalo Sabres’ New Loyalty Program One More Piece to Make Fans Feel It’s Their Team

    The Buffalo Sabres launched a customer loyalty program called Sabres Fan Advantage, the third phase in a complete direct marketing overhaul, according to Scott Miner, the team’s Director... Read More

  • Mapco’s My Reward$ Loyalty Program Going Strong

    Howard Curtis, Director of Marketing & CRM for Mapco Express, participated in a compelling interview with Loyalty360 to discuss his company’s customer loyalty and customer engagement efforts, along... Read More

  • IHG Rewards Club Gets Personal and Focuses on Innovation

    As “the world’s first and largest hotel loyalty program”, IHG® Rewards Club from InterContinental Hotels Group has a history of being innovative and driving value... Read More

  • LG Electronics Building Customer Relationships from the Ground Up

    Having only entered the market in 2005, LG Electronics has a lot to prove in the considered purchase category, which includes products like appliances and televisions. Transforming customer engagement into customer... Read More

  • Kobie’s Thompson Moran Discusses Retail Trends, Customer Insights, State of the Marketplace

    Erica Thompson Moran recently joined Kobie Marketing as a Retail Advisory Consultant, bringing 20 years of experience in the retail marketing industry. Erica participated in a fascinating Q&A with... Read More

  • Go Tell it on the Mountain: Creating Brand Evangelists through CRM

    White Paper: Inflection Points: Seizing the Moment in Customer Loyalty What is a marketing trend you see today? Loyalty is not just about spend and transactions any longer. One... Read More

  • Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Launching a Retail Loyalty Program

    Sadly, we are now many years into retail loyalty marketing programs and as a consumer, I still don’t see much that’s new, engaging or innovative. However,... Read More

  • What Customer Service Week Teaches Us About Creating Successful Customer Experiences

    This month, we not only celebrate Customer Service Week, but also an annual Customer Experience Day. Given our industry, these “holidays” give us a great excuse to pause... Read More

  • Bond Brand Loyalty Talks Customer Experience Vision, Impactful Frontline Behaviors

    Kelly Taggart, Director, Customer Experience, Bond Brand Loyalty participated in a fascinating Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss a variety of trending topics in the loyalty industry. What... Read More

  • Publix Super Markets Treats Customers Like Royalty

    On its company website, Publix offers the following message aimed at always delivering exemplary customer service: “Publix aims to be a great employer. We hire associates who have a... Read More

  • Marriott Rewards VP: Company Wants to Engage With Customers Outside of Traveling As Well

    Many established brands today are looking for ways to effectively understand, engage, and communicate with the younger generation−the generation that’s tech savvy, doesn’t know... Read More

  • Choice Hotels Making Top Loyalty Program More Relevant to Customers

    The Choice Privileges customer loyalty program for Choice Hotels International surpassed the 20 million member global milestone in late May, and celebrated three consecutive years of placing in the Top 2 rankings... Read More

  • Pizza Patrón Uniquely Engages Mexican Customers

    For more than 20 years, Pizza Patrón has been committed to celebrating the diversity of the Latin culture. While most companies merely market to Hispanics, Pizza Patrón... Read More

  • Why Do Consumers Switch Brands? (Part 2 of 3)

    Retaining loyal customers can be just as challenging as acquiring them. Shoppers switch brands sporadically, for reasons that often seem random or illogical.  Although consumers’ ever-changing preferences and... Read More

  • Spread the ‘Loyalty Bug’ Inside your Organization, and your Customers will ‘Catch-it’ Too

    When you stop and do the math, employee turnover is expensive.  Replacing employees can cost up to 43% of their annual salary, so ensuring your employees stay loyal to your... Read More

  • Transforming Dissatisfied Customers into Brand Loyalists

    As a recent Accenture study revealed, two out of every three customers changed service providers in a single year due to poor customer service. The reason: many customers see little... Read More

  • Never Forget that Your Priceless Customer Loyalty is being Driven by Your Cheapest Hourly Employees

    Last week I came upon a loyalty card from a well-known auto service center that provided the user with a $10 discount on each of five oil changes, the sixth oil... Read More

  • New Balance Reshapes Customer-centric Path Toward Loyalty

    Rob DeMartini, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Balance, Inc. sat down with Loyalty360 to discuss the loyalty and customer experience industry and what path his company views on the... Read More

  • Taco John’s® Teams Up with InMoment to Optimize Customer Feedback

    Taco John’s®, a Mexican quick service restaurant chain with locations in 25 states, not only feeds its hungry customers daily–it listens to them every day as... Read More

  • Can Social Influence Impact your Loyalty Strategy?

    As more brands have found ways to connect with customers in preferred channels, particularly online, there are examples we wanted to share that provide insight for other brands still trying... Read More

  • Millennials and Their Brands: A Look at a One Generation’s Overwhelming Loyalty to Brands

    Millennials have been a frequent topic of discussion lately, particularly within the marketing world. Adweek, for example, recently put together an infographic that detailed the technology and buying habits of... Read More

  • How Coca Cola can Defend and Restore Home Base Customer Loyalty

    Coca Cola has been the #1 soda (or pop depending on where you are in the US) in the United States for decades based on sound marketing principles and a strong... Read More

  • Customer Experience is Loyalty’s Vinyl LP

    Something strange and amazing is happening to music: vinyl records are making a comeback. Long relegated to dusty basements and second-hand shops, the medium known for its crackle and pop... Read More

  • 3 Ways to Optimize CX via Mobile Appointments Reminders

    We all have a story about waiting all day for the “cable guy.”  As frustration mounts, you try calling and end up wading through a sea of... Read More

  • BigDoor provides Big Insights for Loyalty Programs

    BigDoor provides loyalty solutions to some of the biggest brands today, partnering with companies to power full loyalty programs or augment existing ones. Equipped with insight from working with a... Read More

  • Improving the Profitability and Value of Mobile Phone Trade-In Programs

    Trade-in programs can be a profitable way for mobile retailers to attract and retain customers, but they are now experiencing a financially crippling challenge. With the adoption of anti-theft apps... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Mystery

    In her previous articles in the Loyalty Killers series, dunnhumby’s Naomi Kasolowsky covered PDD, needless barriers, de-list dramas, and information. Now she tackles the fifth in her series... Read More

  • Clutch COO Provides Insight on Loyalty, Measuring Success, and CX Trends

    Brad Marg knows what it takes to align all the various moving parts to optimize customer engagement. As Chief Operating Officer at Clutch, the first and only system that helps... Read More

  • The Evolution of Loyalty Programming: BigDoor Weighs In

    Loyalty programming—and in essence, the whole customer experience—is constantly changing based on evolving customer needs and expectations, as well as insights, trends, and technology that inform... Read More

  • Moosejaw CEO: Create a Brand That Customers Will Passionately Love

    Outdoor sporting goods and apparel merchant Moosejaw is known for its solid messaging, interactive and energetic marketing, not taking itself too seriously, and making customers laugh. Customer engagement may be... Read More

  • Aimia Provides Insight on Customer Experience and CPGs

    Loyalty360 recently had the chance to get some insight from Aimia. Read on for an interesting Q&A, in which Aimia addresses customer experience as it relates to... Read More

  • Mobile is the Traveler’s Content Compass

    Was it a weekend in Vegas or a tour in Rome or a beach week in Cape Hatteras? Where did you spend your summer vacation? An overwhelming majority of people... Read More

  • Understanding Customer Needs – Change is Hard

    In my last article I discussed the credit card product.  This article focuses on understanding customer needs and how to learn more about their true needs as the foundation... Read More

  • Anatomy of a Customer Experience Program: Choosing Metrics and Taking Action

    In a recent Forrester report, survey respondents were asked three questions related to loyalty. They found a strong positive correlation between customer experience index scores, likelihood of recommending to a... Read More

  • New Research Highlights Steps of the New Hotel Booking Path to Purchase

    For a consumer looking to book a stay at a hotel, the good news is that the available sources to research and purchase are immense. For a marketer looking to... Read More

  • Red Lion Hotels: Where Everyone Knows Your Customer’s Name

    Bill Linehan, Chief Marketing Officer for Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLHC), wants employees to know the names of every customer who walks through their doors. RLHC wants to shift the... Read More

  • BloomNation.com Founders Go All In; Loyalty Program Looms on the Horizon

    Online floral marketer BloomNation.com has made great strides in the past 18 months, and will soon be releasing an app for florists and a loyalty program looms large on the... Read More

  • Setting the Pace with Loyalty: Stride Rite Shifts as Its Customers Shift

    Listening to and understanding your customers might seem like a small task in the loyalty industry, but it often eludes brand officials. The essence of capturing mind share and, ultimately,... Read More

  • 7 Key Questions for Better Loyalty Program Performance

    TechnologyAdvice spoke to Maritz Motivation Solutions VP of Loyalty Strategy Barry Kirk and BigDoor Director of Marketing Ashley Tate on what it takes for a loyalty program to be successful... Read More

  • In Marketing as in Life, Relationships Require Constant Effort

    In your personal life, you’ve heard it a thousand times that good, enduring relationships require constant effort. Like a garden, you wouldn’t expect your personal relationships,... Read More

  • Biggest Challenge Companies Face is Lack of Across-the-Board Involvement

    Loyalty360 had an opportunity to sit down with Paul Lacap, who is the Director, Product Innovation & Marketing Services at IC Group. Lacap is responsible for helping teams develop and... Read More

  • Reevaluating Your Marketing Budget to Maximize Your Best Customers

    When society's affinity to favor new things extends into the marketing budget, existing customers are quickly overlooked. Absorbed in the notion of chasing after new customers, companies' marketing departments... Read More

  • Unveiling Your Secret Admirers (Part 1 of 3)

    All brands have them—those wonderful, yet mysterious “secret admirers” who engage on all social media platforms, subscribe to mailing lists and purchase new products almost instinctively.... Read More

  • Sprint’s Framily Plan - Creative Advertising Meets Brand Loyalty Positioning

    In an era of full-fledged brand inundation via more communication channels than ever before, forging loyalty with customers has never been more important. Fortunately, there are also more tools than... Read More

  • Digital Customer Experience - The Sum of Insight and Action

    If no action is taken, capturing online customer feedback is just a vanity tool. Equally, if customer feedback is simply stored in a system and nobody looks into it, the... Read More

  • CrowdTwist Points for Action Puts Spin on Loyalty Rewards

    This article is based on the recent CrowdTwist White Paper, ‘Rethink Loyalty: How Points for Action Drives Engagement & Incremental Sales.’  Click here to download the White... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Information

    The importance of providing great information for customers at every stage in the shopping experience cannot be underestimated. To be blunt, failing to provide the right information at the... Read More

  • The Maturation of Customer Experience – Observations from Customer Conversations

    Recently, I spent a few days with Verint customers at the annual Driving Innovation™ user conference in Orlando Florida. During my time there, I felt proud of the deep... Read More

  • The Past, Present and Future of Gamification

    A solider will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon – Napoleon Kramer, listen to me. I’m never gonna have a child. If I lose... Read More

  • 49ers Seek Deeper Fan Engagement through Faithful 49 Loyalty Program

    As the San Francisco 49ers prepare for their first season in a new home–Levi’s Stadium−in Santa Clara, the iconic franchise has also launched a... Read More

  • Verify Engage Accelerates and Turbo-charges Loyalty Programs

    For Michael (“Mic”) Tienken, Vice President Partner Development, Verify Engage, his company’s platform doesn’t focus on replacing loyalty programs. “We don’t... Read More

  • Effective Rebranding Needs to Start with Internal Employee Engagement

    When Mindshare Technologies, a leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) technologies, acquired Empathica last fall, it wasn’t clear then there would be a rebranding involved. “It... Read More

  • Don’t Let Responsive Web Design Cut Into Customer Satisfaction

    As someone in your organization who is tasked with creating customer loyalty and building strategies to increase customer satisfaction, the last thing you want is frustrated customers. Unfortunately, one of... Read More

  • The Love Matrix: Loyalty to the Brand, or (Just) to the Program’s Discount?

    In the last few decades, the word “loyalty” has gone from representing a strong feeling of support, allegiance, and even love, to being synonymous with points programs and... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Q&A: Aginity Data Scientist and CRM Strategist, Lexy Kassan

    Data Scientist has been named the “sexiest job title for the 21st century.”  The question many are left with, is why?  Why are companies flocking to... Read More

  • Loyalty Best Practices Part 4: Retention

    This is the fourth in the four-part series on Loyalty Best Practices. You can find the third here. You’ve attracted your target audience by keeping it... Read More

  • How to Implement an Employee Reward Program

    Your company may have already discovered the power of customer loyalty programs. What could be better than increasing your return on investment simply by rewarding those buyers most loyal to... Read More

  • “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

    Will I be dating myself back to the ‘dinosaur era’ if I admit that Cheers used to be one of my favorite television shows?  At Cheers, everybody... Read More

  • Brand Loyalty – If You Build It, They Will Come

    Brands these days are leveraging all social media platforms available to them in order to engage customers and build important relationships. From a content perspective, this means being as authentic... Read More

  • The 3 Service Marketing P’s - Helping to Drive Loyalty in Consumers

    As a marketer for over 20 years, I’ve never been able to escape the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – they’ve... Read More

  • Author Says Leadership Absolutely Drives Customer-centric Companies

    Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp., an independent research and publishing firm focused on customer-centric business management, and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of CustomerThink.com, believes wholeheartedly in the absolute linchpin to... Read More

  • Engaging Customers with Math and Art

    Marketing is undergoing an evolution based on the availability of customer data that allows for the game-changing use of math for statistical models. Models have become highly valuable intellectual property,... Read More

  • By the Numbers: the Loyalty360 Awards at a Glance [Infographic]

    Read More

  • The Must Have Summer Trends for Rewards and Recognition

    As we enter the heart of the summer, those within the loyalty, recognition and rewards industry will see many new and emerging trends.  Women and men are now looking... Read More

  • The Challenge of Listening: Lost in Translation! The Adjacent Possible!!

    I have had the fortune - or perhaps the misfortune - of traveling more this year than in the past 18 months and I have had the opportunity to attend more... Read More

  • Behind the Brand - with Kale Sligh, C Spire

    Please give us a little background on your focus at C Spire and how it’s evolving to answer the needs of today’s customer. I’m... Read More

  • Behind the Brand - with Angela Sanfilippo, Punchtab

    Please give us a little background on PunchTab and how the organization is evolving to answer the needs of the industry. PunchTab is an Omni-Channel Engagement and Insights platform. We... Read More

  • The Journey to Customer Advocacy: An Evolution in Loyalty

    loy·al·ty   \ˈlȯi(-ə)l-tē\  a loyal feeling : a feeling of strong support for someone or something ad·vo·ca·... Read More

  • Can Loyalty Be Managed in the Age of the Empowered Consumer?

    We’re living and marketing in the age of the empowered consumer. The tech-savvy consumers we serve today have the ability to know everything about the brands from which... Read More

  • Dear Customer, we are Ready, Willing and Able!

    A leading global education publishing company has to shift its strategy for a digital, direct-to- customer interaction future. A major telecommunications organization has to prepare its workforce for new integrated... Read More

  • Tuning In And Turning On: Leveraging Customer Engagement Data For Maximum Return

    In the past few years, the number of touchpoints through which customers engage with brands has exploded. Everyone wants to incorporate all these different nodes on the journey map into... Read More

  • Creating the Feel of First Touch Resolution

    Consumers have raised the bar for customer experience expectations based on their personal life experiences.  Today, consumer expectations are being formed by service experiences outside of the financial services... Read More

  • Creating Loyalty Beyond (and Before) the Transaction

    Too often brand marketers think that, since loyalty is what they want, they can simply build a rewards program to deliver it. Think about the proliferation of loyalty programs that... Read More

  • An Introduction to Social Customer Care

    How KLM Royal Dutch Airlines became one of the most responsive brands on social media and created a legion of brand ambassadors What is “Social Customer Care,” and... Read More

  • Optimizing Promotions for Long-Term Loyalty: Feasible or Fantasy?

    Many retailers have come to realize that their paths to success cannot be primarily dictated by simply offering low prices à la Walmart. While some competitive matching may be important,... Read More

  • JetBlue Badges Delivers Gartner’s Gamification

    Gamification is not exactly a new concept. The term itself has been rapidly growing in popularity as of late, but its core elements have existed for thousands of years. While... Read More

  • Focus on Exemplary Customer Service Propels Best Western

    Some companies might excel in one or two areas related to their customer loyalty programs and for most that is a notable achievement. But to excel across multiple loyalty categories,... Read More

  • Xerox Engaging Call Center Employees in Fun, Innovative Way

    The daily tasks of call center agents around the world may seem mundane to many, but to brand executives, they are the heart and soul of any successful company. Companies... Read More

  • Duffy’s Sports Grill Enhances MVP Loyalty Program through Highly Targeted Email

    Everyone wants to be an MVP, of course, but at Duffy’s Sports Grill that distinction has become a key component for the highly successful restaurant chain. Sandy Nelson,... Read More

  • Loyalty Best Practices Part 2: Sign Up Here!

    This is the second in the four-part series on Loyalty Best Practices. You can find the first here. If you’re following along in our loyalty series, you know... Read More

  • Loyalty Best Practices Part 3: It’s All About Them.

    This is the third in the four-part series on Loyalty Best Practices. You can find the second here. You know you need a loyalty program for maximum engagement of customers,... Read More

  • The Millennial Traveler: How To Attract Tomorrow’s Economic Rising Stars

    Travel rewards have historically led the charge in terms of motivating consumer loyalty. With millennials’ interest in experiencing new places and cultures, this trend will likely continue. A recent... Read More

  • “They’ll Never Forget…”

    I’m a lucky man. As part of my job, I’m able to meet with leadership at some of the largest and best brands in the world.... Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO: Customer Experience is the Brand

    Don’t say the following words to Stephen Cannon, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA: customer satisfaction. That is setting the bar too low, Cannon told attendees during his session, ... Read More

  • What’s the Future for Loyalty Schemes?

    Points are no longer enough Every time I go to lunch to get my favourite noodle soup, I forget my stamp card. It’s annoying, but it’s... Read More

  • Why Social Media is the Key to Unlocking Brand Loyalty

    Social media is the best opportunity today for businesses to build brand loyalty and influence perception among their target audiences. Americans on average spend more than 3 hours a day on... Read More

  • Loyalty360 Interview, Eric McKirdy, Global Customer Care Manager, Ask.com

    Eric McKirdy participated in an Executive Insights Q&A session with Loyalty 360 focusing on ways companies can remove silos, abandon traditional call center scripts, and add back the human... Read More

  • Greekgear.Com Generates Insights into Social Sharing Psychology of its Customers to Devise Winning Social Commerce Strategy

    GreekGear.com is the largest supplier of high quality fraternity and sorority merchandise. Premier supplier of Greek merchandise, GreekGear.com is ranked 277 in the list of top 500 social commerce retailers. ... Read More