Loyalty Management

  • Why The Best Forms of Loyalty Don’t Look Anything Like Loyalty

    There are two kinds of people in this world: those who blindly recite their contact information when retailers ask them for their email or phone number, and those who refuse... Read More

  • Gilt’s Fashion Sense is Tailor Made for A Personalized Customer Experience

    For most retailers, successfully appealing to the distinctive styles and trends of individual tastes can be a very effective mode of customer engagement. For fashion retailers in particular, it is... Read More

  • Taco John’s Guest-Centric Customer Engagement Program Pleases More Than Just Diners

    Taco John’s has become one of America’s leading quick-serve Mexican restaurants for a good reason. After realizing that successful customer engagement depends on hearing what guests... Read More

  • To Cobrand Or Not To Cobrand?

    In my last article, I discussed the similarities and differences between cobrand and private label programs.  This article focuses on determining whether there is a reasonable prospect of success... Read More

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Showrooming Wolf?

    Showrooming: the apparent scourge of bricks and mortar retailers as they invest in all the stock, the rent, and the staff only to have consumers come along and poke the... Read More

  • Chevy Shifts Into a New Paradigm of Connected Customer Engagement

    Innovative brands like Chevy are beginning to look beyond the confines of its own industry to curate the personalized customer experiences that drivers want. Competition among automakers has always been... Read More

  • How Netflix Proves What You Know About Loyalty Marketing Is Wrong

    To build loyalty and increase customer retention, brands must create habit and engage their consumers. Netflix broke the mold with it’s original programming, and may have forever changed... Read More

  • Loyalty Programs Drive Higher Prices and Referrals

    It’s not difficult to see why consumers embrace loyalty programs, in fact, 71% of online consumers belong to at least one rewards program, according to Forrester Research. Rewards programs... Read More

  • It’s All About Customer Experience for Canadian Tire

    Shawn Stewart, Associate Vice-President, Loyalty, Canadian Tire participated in a riveting interview with Loyalty360 to discuss customer experience and what it means to his company. Who is the champion of... Read More

  • Customer Experience Means Shopper Experience at The Hershey Company

    Frank Jimenez, Senior Director, Insights Driven Performance and Retail Evolution, The Hershey Company, participated in an intriguing Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss how Hershey views the customer/shopper... Read More

  • Hyatt Looks Beyond the Hotel Industry to Build Brand Loyalty

    In our rapidly changing consumer landscape, brands can no longer afford to maintain an insular industry perspective. Savvy marketers are now extending their gaze far beyond the boundaries of their... Read More

  • Customer Loyalty is All About Preferences at La Quinta Inns & Suites

    For Rob Taylor, Director of Loyalty Marketing for La Quinta Returns, the loyalty program at La Quinta Inns & Suites, customer loyalty is a result of focusing on the right... Read More

  • Digitizing the Catalog Experience: A Driver of Customer Engagement

    Do you remember making your holiday toy wish list as a child? How about waiting by the mailbox for your favorite holiday catalog to arrive?  In the late 1980&rsquo... Read More

  • Contact Management Technology May be the Key to Your Small Business’s Growth in 2015

    With the new year upon us, it is imperative to begin thinking about HOW, not IF, your business will grow in 2015.  After all, that is the resolution of virtually... Read More

  • Programs Worth Launching

    Some of the most common client concerns and questions we help to solve relate to loyalty programs – whether to have a loyalty program, whether to change it or whether... Read More

  • How Rymax’s 20 Year Mission Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

    For the last 20 years Rymax Marketing Services has succeeded in becoming the most trusted loyalty marketing provider in the industry. Part of this success can be attributed to the fact... Read More

  • How to Incorporate Customer Data Into Your Loyalty Program (Without Being Creepy!)

    Big data is an even bigger buzzword, and it can provide incredible insight into customer preferences and market trends. But for a loyalty program, the basic unit of measure is... Read More

  • SCENE Q&A: Strategic Alliance Expands Customer Engagement

    The momentum of SCENE, a joint venture between Cineplex and Scotiabank, has continued to build. As Canada’s fastest growing loyalty program, SCENE has recently announced a new partnership... Read More

  • Deepening Relationships with Your Next ‘Best’ Customers

    “When rethinking measurement, it’s important to expand your view – and the focus of your measurement and analysis – beyond good customers.  After all, customers with... Read More

  • How to Turn Loyal Customers Into a Brand’s Best Friend

    Building relationships is a major goal of any entity: it exhibits reliability, whether it is a person, a brand or company or an object. In recent years, brands have really... Read More

  • How Small Businesses Can Analyze Big Data

    “Big Data” has typically been a big business game. To some, this just makes sense. Larger companies have more customers, more data, and more resources for analyzing their... Read More

  • The New Face of Prepaid GPR: Young, Educated, and Middle Class

    Travel back in time to the early stages of the economic recession and try finding a middle class, banked, mainstream American who relies on prepaid products for day to day... Read More

  • Way of the Future: An Integrated Approach to Customer Loyalty Strategies

    Developing customer loyalty strategies in the modern consumer landscape represents a number of complex challenges for marketers—the marketplace is increasingly competitive, change happens at a blinding pace, and... Read More

  • Sit Down… and Listen

    “Everybody is a teacher if you listen.” Every once in a while you come across an unexpected bit of wisdom. The above pearl is from actress Doris Roberts,... Read More

  • Customer Experience: Executive Insights from Verint

    We all do a great deal of talking about Customer Experience, its importance in building long term customers, and keeping satisfaction and growth high.  While we all agree that... Read More

  • New Digital Personalization Technologies Drive Brand Loyalty

    Every brand intensely focuses on ways to build better relationships and deeper loyalty with their consumers. Truly unique, one-to-one personal messages, especially those delivered with break-through innovation and creativity, can... Read More

  • Eliminating the “Graffiti” in Your Customer Experience Program

    There’s no disputing the fact that executive sponsorship is key to driving the success of customer experience programs. While an effective customer experience program is “owned”... Read More

  • Omnichannel Consumer Experience: Integrating the Best of Digital and In-Store

    It is for good reason that “omni-channel” continues to be omni-present in retail discussions and forums today. Especially for considered purchases, the path to buying often treads across... Read More

  • Best Way to Engage Customers, Gather Feedback and Engender Brand Loyalty? Think Customer Advisory Boards

    These days, there seems to be a lot of articles, blogs and other media attention dedicated to the topic of customer experience. Indeed, ensuring that companies optimize interactions with their... Read More

  • Customer Insight for Customer Loyalty

    Loyalty360 had the opportunity to sit down with Luc Garneau, Vice President of Strategic Consulting Services at DataCandy.  Luc is preparing for an upcoming webinar on February 19th, entitled: 5... Read More

  • Thorntons Builds Excitement and Customer Engagement with Swipe & Score Sweepstakes

    Thorntons Refreshing Rewards customer loyalty program launched in March 2014 in Lexington and Nashville, and has been highly successful from a customer engagement perspective. On Dec. 30, Thorntons launched Swipe & Score... Read More

  • Customers Show Brand Loyalty at IHOP

    Customers at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) show their brand loyalty every day, according to Kirk Thompson, Vice President of Marketing for IHOP. For them, IHOP is always top-of-mind... Read More

  • Retailers That Give Back Reap Big Rewards

    It’s always a good thing when companies give back. When it comes to creating lasting relationships with customers and building brand loyalty, retailers especially can earn big when... Read More

  • So, You’re Delivering a Mobile-First Customer Experience? Think Again.

    How many times have you heard a friend or colleague say, “Just text me”? In our increasingly mobile-first world, this has become a common consumer mantra and habit,... Read More

  • New Philanthropic Partnership for Choice Hotels Heightens Customer Engagement

    Jamie L. Russo, Vice President, Loyalty Programs for Choice Hotels International knows the value of customer engagement. And members of the Choice Privileges loyalty program voiced their opinions about wanting... Read More

  • A More Rewarding 2015 Looking Back to Look Forward

    In 2013, US consumers spent a huge £78.7 billion purchasing festive gifts online and 2014’s forecast was similarly high at £89 billion – a year on year boost of 13%. In... Read More

  • Customer Experience Starts From Within at First Niagara Bank

    Providing an exemplary customer experience can and will differentiate any brand. In the banking world, First Niagara Bank has differentiated itself through a series of focused initiatives targeting customer engagement. ... Read More

  • Synchronization of Your Content Messaging Leads to Marketing Success

    In the article I wrote back in the summer, Increasing your business and brand equity by marketing in the moment of truth, I discussed the strategy of marketing to consumers... Read More

  • Creating a Positive User Experience is a Key Driver in Customer Loyalty

    User experience – it’s a key driver in loyalty programs. When one thinks of experience, there are many variables that come into play. And, the desired experience... Read More

  • Choice and Control Drive Customer Experience at Hilton Worldwide

    When you talk to Joshua Sloser, vice president of Digital Innovation at Hilton Worldwide, Customer Experience is always a key topic and overarching goal. Sloser shared with Loyalty360 his insights... Read More

  • Cobrand or Private Label – Which is Right for You?

    In my last article, I discussed promotions and their role in credit card programs.  This article focuses on whether a cobrand credit card program, private label credit card program,... Read More

  • Q&A With Experian Data Quality: Using Data to Build Customer Experience and Engagement

    Loyalty360 recently sat down with Experian’s Erin Haselkorn, Analyst and Public Relations Manager of Experian Data Quality. Erin will host a webinar on January 22, 2015, discussing “Loyalty Matters:... Read More

  • Survey Findings: The Goals and Results of Loyalty Data Collection

    The use of loyalty programs continues to explode, as documented in a recent study conducted by Experian Data Quality. As reported in Experian Data Quality’s white paper Driving... Read More

  • Hurricane Grill & Wings Credits Loyalty Program for Increase in Guest Visits and Ticket Spend

    With an endless array of casual dining concepts, the key differentiator for hungry consumers comes down to a memorable experience at a good value.  In an attempt to fill... Read More

  • InnSuites Hotels and Suites: Immediate Customer Feedback Fuels Engagement

    For Pamela Barnhill, President and COO of InnSuites Hospitality Trust (IHT) and InnDependent Boutique Collection (IBC) Hotels, customer engagement is the key to everything in the hotel industry. “The... Read More

  • Marriott Rewards: Putting the Human Face on Social Media and Customer Engagement

    Michelle Lapierre, Senior Director Customer Experience and Social Media, Marriott Rewards, participated in an interview with Loyalty360 and offered a keen perspective on how the loyalty program leverages social media... Read More

  • A New Year’s Resolution: Implementing True Customer-Centricity

    As we begin the New Year, it is likely that many of us have personal and professional goals or resolutions for 2015. These goals could be for individual improvement, but this... Read More

  • Showmars Personalizes Customers Rewards And Increases Average Check Size 37%

    With the slogan “Everbody Loves Showmars,” customer loyalty is clearly at the core of this North Carolina fast casual restaurant chain. Based in Charlotte and started in 1982... Read More

  • Business Must Respond to Demand for Responsive Design

    Whether it’s checking on a store’s inventory while out running errands or needing to change travel arrangements on the road, today’s customers are increasingly... Read More

  • Don’t Let the Landslide Bring You Down: Next Steps for Retailers

    Certain common marketing practices that were once effective in the retail landscape now need to be reconsidered as a result of tremendous digital advancements and access to new technologies. The... Read More

  • Papa John’s CEO: Mobile Strategy Is a Key to Great Customer Experience

    Recently, the Papa John’s pizza chain announced that digital and mobile channels account for more than 50 percent of its total U.S. sales (delivery and carryout), making it... Read More

  • Recyclebank: Rewards, Education and Metrics to Achieve Real-World Impact

    Recyclebank CEO Javier Flaim is excited about where the organization is headed, and hopes that more customer engagement becomes a reality in 2015. Recyclebank uses a mix of education, rewards, customer... Read More

  • Data: The Driver Behind Customer Loyalty, Insight and Revenue

    The use of loyalty programs continues to explode, as documented in a recent study conducted by Experian Data Quality. As reported in Experian’s white paper Driving customer loyalty:... Read More

  • The Ultimate Promise of Big Data for Channel & Consumer Marketing

    Think about some of your top challenges right now in marketing to your channel, retailers and consumers. A few weeks ago, we polled a group of industry folks about challenges... Read More

  • Once a Product or Offer Is Designed, You Are NOT Done (With the Customer)!

    Despite their title, customer loyalty marketers often fail to sufficiently include the customer. Example:  One of my family members is an elite member of a major airline loyalty program.... Read More

  • The Top 5 Ways Digital Gift Cards are Creating New Opportunities for Loyalty and Incentive Companies

    Not only do digital gift cards complement plastic card rewards initiatives that companies already have in place, but they also open up new opportunities for loyalty and incentives companies to... Read More

  • Barclaycard: Data-Driven Customer Insights Reap Rewards

    Barclaycard’s customer focus has made it the leading and fastest-growing card partnership option in the U.S. The U.K.-based company now offers a credit card under... Read More

  • Pearle Vision’s Customer Engagement Vision: Behaving Like a Loyal and Trusted Neighbor

    Pearle Vision, the iconic and leading eye care brand, recently launched a new campaign that features Pearle Vision eye care professionals making an “at home visit” at an... Read More

  • Safelite AutoGlass Exemplifies Customer Engagement and Customer-centricity

    Safelite AutoGlass exceeds most marketers when it comes to brand messaging, providing a customer-centric culture, leveraging key customer insights, and delivering memorable customer experiences. Direct evidence of Safelite’s... Read More

  • Customers No. 1 Priority at Aramark

    Aramark Corp., the food services and facilities management firm, walked away from the Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo last month in Dallas with the Platinum award in the Customer-centric category... Read More

  • Customer Experience Landscape: A Long, Strange Trip?

    Customer experience and customer loyalty are in a period of renaissance, spurred by the allure of customer data and new technology. There is a desire for more personal relationships and... Read More

  • Faithful 49 Loyalty Program Off to Engaging Start for 49ers

    As the San Francisco 49ers desperately try and stay in the playoff picture as the regular season wanes toward completion, the team’s new loyalty program−Faithful 49&minus... Read More

  • Moving People Along the Customer Journey - A Two Part Series Part One: From Unknown to Known

    “A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” ― John Steinbeck From Line to Loop There’s... Read More

  • Banking on Loyalty: An African Snapshot

    Africa is home to over 1 billion people, approximately one seventh of the world’s population spread across 54 very different countries. The variations in politics, geography, economics and religion from... Read More

  • Relevance that Unlocks the Returns of Traveller Rewards

    People are travelling more frequently and further than ever before. In crowded and competitive markets, companies wanting to share in this growth must optimise services for new, savvy customers who... Read More

  • How to Create Loyal Customers from your Website

    Customer loyalty is perhaps the most important metric to measure a business’ success by, be it online or offline. Nurturing loyalty among your customers is a wise strategy, especially... Read More

  • Your Voice: What are the Top Ways you Utilize Personalization to Drive Revenue?

    According to Loyalty360’s most recent Loyalty Landscape Report, 24% of marketers say that consumers expect more personalization now than 2 years ago. And when executed correctly, personalization both improves the... Read More

  • BehindtheBrand with Lonnie Mayne, InMoment

    Lonnie has spent his entire career helping companies focus on the human side of doing business. Whether it’s building a healthy culture for internal teams, or centering decisions... Read More

  • The Continued Renaissance of Loyalty: The Challenge of Simplicity in the Age of Complexity

    The interest in customer loyalty has never been greater. We launched our Brand Forum this past summer with an increased focus on brands to understand the challenges they are facing... Read More

  • Q&A Ask the Experts

    Q:What are some best practices for aligning on all fronts to ensure a consistent experience that customers love?    A: Teamwork is the beating heart of every successful... Read More

  • Raley’s Keeps It Simple, Intuitive, and Compelling for Its Customers

    In the aftermath of the recession of the late 2000s, retailers across the country were faced with the challenge of examining how they could engage with customers in smarter ways... Read More

  • Single-minded Focus on the Customer Integral to U.K.’s Telefonica O2 Priority Moments Loyalty Program

    When Telefonica O2 UK (O2) launched its Priority Moments customer loyalty program two years ago, Mark Stevenson, the company’s Marketing Director of Priority and Sponsorship, was fully cognizant... Read More

  • “MAACO-VER” Complete as Customer Becomes Focal Point

    MAACO desperately needed a makeover when Jose R. Costa became president of the company about 19 months ago. The Charlotte, N.C.-based retailer was “very much a strong player,... Read More

  • Loyalty360 CX Awards: “How Sweet it is…”

        This fall at Engagement & Experience Expo, Loyalty360 is showing appreciation for the companies that appreciate you, at the inaugural Loyalty360 CX (Customer Experience) Awards. The ceremony will... Read More

  • The Advantages of a Customer Lifecycle Strategy

    With so much discussion centered on customer-centricity, customer engagement, and enhancing customer experiences, a hot industry topic related to those noble aspirations is the concept of a Customer LifeCycle program. ... Read More

  • Behind the Brand with Kristi Gole, Global Hotel Alliance

    Kristi is a passionate marketing executive who extends the concept of loyalty across the entire customer experience. She serves as the Director of Loyalty Marketing for Global Hotel Alliance, the... Read More

  • Digital Gift Card Trends: Convenient, Available, and Versatile

    Gift cards have long been a favorite gift among consumers and recent reports show that these numbers are on the rise. According to the National Retail Federation, 2013 was the seventh... Read More

  • Retail Innovation Reaches New Heights

    Technology, especially in the digital realm, is moving faster than ever. This is no different when it comes to the retail industry, where ongoing changes have been the norm for... Read More

  • Big Data Enables CPG Companies to Gain an In-Depth, Personal Connection with the End User

    Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have accepted for many decades that the reality of the industry is that the customers are interacting with intermediaries like digital merchants and retail outlets,... Read More

  • Contextualizing Customer Insight: Journey Maps and Personas as Interfaces

    Personas and journey maps can be essential tools to help support the design and development of a new digital project. As we create them though, it’s important to... Read More

  • Creating Communities to Connect with Customers

    As we see the end of 2014 and the beginning of a new year, many of us are involved in 2015 strategic planning activities.  For those customer experience professionals who are... Read More

  • The Love Matrix: Loyalty to the Brand, or Just the Discount?

    Loyalty is a finicky thing. In the last few decades, the word “loyalty” has gone from representing a strong feeling of support, allegiance, and even love, to being... Read More

  • The CX/Loyalty Connection

    As the battle for customers escalates, companies have turned to traditional marketing tactics such as special offers and promotions to lure customers away from the competition. However, acquiring customers is... Read More

  • Use Customer Experience Management to Host the Best Party in Town

    The dynamics between buyers and sellers have certainly changed over the years. Phrases like “efficient” and “cost-effective” have been replaced with “delighting” and &ldquo... Read More

  • How Behavioral Economics Leads to Intimate Brand Engagement

    Consumers are no longer just sitting back receiving brand messages; they are leaning forward and actively engaging with them. Brands have moved from noise operators to enticement factories. According to... Read More

  • Four Hurdles to Great Customer Experiences

    The recent public relations debacle that KFC experienced provides a painful example of just how important customer service can be. An employee asked a three-year-old girl and her grandmother to... Read More

  • Loyalty Powers Consumer Advocacy

    ‘Loyalty’ is metamorphosing into the platform to drive customer engagement.  A well designed loyalty platform connects in real-time across all customer touchpoints and leverages rules-based decisions to... Read More

  • Transamerica Focuses on Customer Experience to Drive Customer Loyalty

    Transamerica has had a busy year regarding its customer loyalty initiatives. Rich King, Director, Customer Experience, Transamerica – Investments & Retirement Division, participated in a compelling interview with Loyalty360 to... Read More

  • Safeway Stays Close to Customers, Reaps Brand Loyalty

    Safeway has an intensely close relationship with its customers that has resulted in memorable customer experiences, superb customer engagement, a highly successful loyalty program, and top-notch brand loyalty. The program... Read More

  • Cirque du Soleil Embodies Customer Engagement

    Cirque du Soleil might very well embody the meaning of the phrase customer engagement and serve as a beacon for experiential marketing. Connecting and engaging with customers on an emotional... Read More

  • Is Your Loyalty Program Naughty or Nice this Holiday Season?

    As our colleague Laura Gardiner mentioned in her article last month, the average household has 21.9 loyalty program memberships.  With this in mind, the question becomes, how active are households... Read More

  • Data Drives Loyalty (If You Know How to Use It)

    Once upon a time, customer data was a commodity. Today, it’s a highly-valuable currency driving business forward. As an influx of data pours in from e-commerce, POS and... Read More

  • Bringing Amazing Customer Experiences to Life at Finish Line

    Finish Line’s Winners Circle loyalty program has been highly successful, so much so that company officials wanted to enhance the customer experience with the launch of a new... Read More

  • BeautyKind.us Offers Very Unique and Personal Customer Experience

    BeautyKind.us is a new way to shop for beauty products that enables consumers to buy prestige makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair and nail products, and 5% of the purchase price of... Read More

  • Schnuck Markets Nourishes and Engages its Loyal Customers

    Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The family-owned company, led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Todd Schnuck, has always held... Read More

  • Loyalty Killers: Off Pricing or Just Questionable Value?

    Is it true that price is rarely on the mind of a satisfied customer? Evidence suggests that whilst price is often on the mind of many customers, it tends to... Read More

  • Unveiling the Personality of ‘the Other 80%’ of Your Customers

    As our colleague Laura Gardiner mentioned in her article last month, How Benchmarking Brings Valuable Insight to Your Loyalty Program, we’ve determined that the majority of the brands... Read More

  • From Reach to Resolution

    Introduction You and your customers have a complex relationship and much of that complexity involves customers’ expectations. For the most part, they expect an ongoing relationship, or at least... Read More

  • 3 Tips for Customer Focused Content Versus Self-Serving Content

    There is a lot of buzz about content. However, there is a critical difference between relevant content focused on your customer’s needs versus content that is sales oriented... Read More

  • Why Health Plan Member Experience Executives Need to Drink the Coffee

    Why should health insurance executives be taking a closer look at how Starbucks engages its customers? The MyStarbucksRewards program enables loyal coffee drinkers to earn free drinks or food, receive... Read More