By the Numbers - 2012: Q1

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consumers who switch brands when another brand is on sale [Colloquy]

$134 billion
PwC's estimated spending on digital goods in 2014

26 million 
mobile transactions made in the eleven months post launch of  Starbucks' mobile payment app.

Retail Loyalty Program insight, Chart

Why did you unfollow me?
58% of respondents said it’s because you appear automated.

Often the best way to get someone to follow you is through retweets. What makes people retweet?
Interesting Content: 92%
Humor: 84%

-WhiteFireSEO poll on Twitter psychology for marketers

"B2B marketers are spending millions of dollars annually on social marketing programs, though nearly 30% are not tracking the impact of social media programs on lead generation and sales."
-Pardot Survey Findings

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The Loyalty PULSE pulse
What is the most important way you differentiate your loyalty program from your competitors? The poll is closed.
Unique rewards
Ease of rewards use/redemption
Multiple technology touchpoints
Program flexibility
Exceptional customer service