• Customer Experience (CX) requires a sophisticated understanding of your customers. The first step in this understanding is identifying and addressing pain points, and creating a sense of transactional ease. And while having an effective triage process is critical, many organizations stop there... Read More

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    No brands are safe from the threat of digital disruption. But the brands that realize and recognize this are, at least, farther ahead than those who refuse to break away from the grip of convention. As brands in the travel and entertainment industry know far too well, the next Airbnb or Netflix... Read More

  • In competitive markets, an exceptional online experience is top priority. With everything on the line, B2B and B2C brands are racing to invest in better digital commerce experiences and capabilities, hoping to capture more than their fair share of online revenue.   But an infusion of cash... Read More

  • Every time I fly the flight attendants remind me, if there is a loss of cabin pressure to put on my mask first before helping anyone else - and I think that’s the same case for companies and their customers.  A company has to make sure its own employees are happy and engaged so they... Read More

  • Loyalty program theory and practice has worked very well, for a very long time. So 81 percent* of today’s consumers having and using smartphones on a daily basis should be greeted as good news, presenting an open road for making loyalty programs even more relevant and engaging.  ... Read More

  • Companies are always looking for ways to boost employee productivity and watching to see how it impacts the bottom line. But the same principles can apply when making your customer experience more efficient and effective by letting the consumer take the driver’s seat for customer service... Read More

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    One of the main reasons behind Hilton HHonors’ incredible success is the company’s relentless commitment toward technological innovation that enhances the guest experience. Ongoing innovation has sparked membership growth and, along the way, various awards. Aaron Glick, VP of Hilton... Read More

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    Among Panasonic’s vast array of products, it’s easy to overlook the HVAC offerings from the company. This lesser known sector, however, is perhaps one of the most fascinating in terms of creating loyalty in a B2B environment.   “The challenge is that in order to get [to... Read More

  • Shared in-store Wi-Fi delivers valuable connectivity to consumers but the brands which make it available are missing opportunities to maximize its benefit to their businesses. How often do you check your smartphone when you’re out in public? For many of us, reaching for our smartphones has... Read More

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    “What makes us unique is that, as of last year, we are the first loyalty program to move from a code-based program to a program where you collect points by uploading an image of your receipt, or linking a nation wide selection of retailer loyalty cards directly to our program,” Mark... Read More

  • Millennials are the largest living generation totaling 83 million people. Understanding the behavior of millennials and the why behind their behavior is paramount. But the key to marketing to millennials lies in letting go of the idea that millennials as a cohort all act in the same ways. The... Read More

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    Brands, especially those within the QSR vertical, are built upon a strong sense of identity. Apple’s clean, white imagery is as distinct as Amazon’s incredible delivery chain, and both are integral parts of customer loyalty found at the respective brands.   In a PR campaign... Read More

  • In the ongoing fight for consumer attention, some of today’s savviest marketers have added a powerful secret weapon to their marketing mix – brand homes. With the right blend of emotionally evocative storytelling, communal experiences and exclusive merchandising, brand homes can... Read More

  • How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend or colleague?   Net Promoter Score SM (NPS) is one, simple question that can help businesses better understand how to increase customer loyalty. But like most things, you only get out what you put into it.   Too many companies... Read More

  • To succeed in next generation loyalty, marketers must be focused on the people, process and technology. It’s the synergy amongst all three that will yield success. The people Before success can be realized outside your organization, support and loyalty for your program must be built... Read More

  • There are three keys to perfecting an enterprise’s unique recipe for a connected customer experience (CX): Connectivity, optimization, and orchestration. By establishing multiple channels of communication, seamlessly integrating those channels across business functions, and optimizing them... Read More

  • ”Leaders need to focus on facilitating the process of people getting to know one another because it is difficult to trust someone you don’t know.” These are the words of Jann E. Freed, Ph.D author of “Leading With Wisdom: Sage Advice from 100 Experts.   Additionally... Read More

  • According to recent loyalty research, the key drivers of consumers' engagement with brands are shifting from rational values (such as pricing and features) to emotional – meaning the quality of your product may be less important to your customers than how your brand makes them feel. It... Read More

  • 75% of US consumers recently stated that they don’t think brands are doing enough to encourage loyalty among customers. Customer retention should be the bedrock of any business’s commercial strategy. But how do you know where to start?Understanding how consumers think… Before... Read More