• Smartphones are fundamentally disrupting traditional loyalty programs in big ways and small – and the impact of mobile on loyalty is nowhere near fully realized yet. Marketers have been slow to embrace the full set of capabilities afforded by mobile; most have simply provided “always... Read More

  • As a company grows, it can be difficult to maintain a one-on-one, personal interaction with customers. Many companies choose to automate customer support to keep costs down as the company scales. But that kind of thinking can limit the long-term benefits of loyal and happy customers. There is a... Read More

  • Despite the emotional nature of brand loyalty, if you ask most people how they made a specific purchase decision, they'll likely give you a very rational answer, even spelling out specific criteria they considered.  I might tell you I bought cage-free eggs from Costco yesterday because... Read More

  • The increasing digitization of our global economy has fundamentally changed the way consumers and businesses interact. “On-demand” brands such as Uber have encouraged users to request and receive service directly from their mobile devices—no human contact required. This move... Read More

  • Today's customers provide a paradox for retailers. Despite having faster and better access to online stores than ever before, 85 percent of consumers still prefer to buy their products in a physical location.     Retail stores, however, aren't always equipped to give consumers... Read More

  • In the business world, successful products, services, programs and innovations are quickly copied by rival companies. In an age where offerings, designs and strategies are so easily imitated and commoditized, how can organizations differentiate from the rest? How can they attract customers and... Read More

  • Imagine two travelers on a flight from Chicago to New York City. One – we’ll call him 6A – is in his mid-twenties, wearing ripped jeans and a Cubs t-shirt. He has noise-canceling headphones plugged into the latest smartphone loaded with screen after screen of apps. Now imagine... Read More

  • Email  is a fundamental marketing channel and one of the largest revenue drivers for brands, but its impact can vary depending upon the data available to the marketer and the way they use it. Marketers will only realize the full potential of the email channel only if their relevant... Read More

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     Few businesses have seen such a meteoric rise as the modern gaming industry. An industry that began with relatively humble beginnings in the late 1970s and early 1980s has since exploded to into one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. According to many recent reports, global... Read More

  • In today’s buyers’ market, consumers now call the shots – and their expectations are high. Currently, a full 25% of consumers will now switch to another brand after just one bad experience, and by offering poor customer experiences, brands are wasting an average of $1,506 in... Read More

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    As the importance of health and wellness gains traction across our culture, Beachbody offers a customer experience that helps people transform their bodies in the comfort of their own home. Founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, California, Beachbody is best known for its two flagship products P90X... Read More

  • When making such major life purchases as houses and cars, consumers usually have access to financing. But what happens when they seek flexible payment options for other high-ticket items?   Today, most retailers and brands don’t offer financing to their entire customer base, even... Read More

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    Some loyalty marketers talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk when it comes to being customer-centric, instilling brand loyalty at every touch point. But at Red Lion Hotels Corporation (RLHC), that isn’t the case. In 2014, RLHC launched its Hello Rewards loyalty program because its... Read More

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    Wayfair, founded in 2002 as CSN Stores, is a leading ecommerce retailer that specializes in home décor. As a storefront found exclusively online, the company places increased focus on streamlining the digital shopping experience in an effort to build on a foundation of customer loyalty that&rsquo... Read More

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    For some loyalty marketers, social media is more prominent than in others. But at Staples, social media has taken on a larger role that impacts brand loyalty.   “Social media plays a significant role in our marketing and branding strategy,” Faisal Masud, Executive Vice... Read More

  • The digital revolution has forever changed how brands and consumers engage each other. Customers now shop beyond far beyond the boundaries of the brick-and-mortar storefront—they’ve come to expect a seamless, omnichannel experience across stores, mobile devices, and social media... Read More

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    Samsung officials want Samsung Pay−which is a mobile payment service that allows Samsung users to make payments using compatible phones−to stand out among other similar global offerings. They believe this can lead to more customer engagement and a better customer experience... Read More

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    Customer experience is widely viewed as the great differentiator in the world of loyalty marketing. For MGM Resorts International, the customer experience, or in its case, the guest experience, is second to none. That commitment is woven into the fabric of the organization and is tended to on a... Read More