• Loyalty programs are becoming increasingly relevant as businesses evolve to meet the demands of today’s consumer. The one thing all brands should keep in mind with loyalty programs is points liability—redeemable member points that could be a future cost to the business.  ... Read More

  • This column is part 3 in a series. See part 1 here, and part 2 here.   Today’s consumers create vast amounts of data in their digital lives, through their online browsing and searches, their social media interactions, their mobile devices and the apps that live on them, and... Read More

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    Established in 1885, PeoplesBank is a leader in innovation, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, customer experience, and employee engagement. PeoplesBank is based in Holyoke, Massachusetts and operates 19 offices throughout the region. Its three LEED® certified... Read More

  • As Yogi so eloquently put so many things, in this case, his logic was trumped by his perception of reality. This very common human trait, on display at nearly every magic show across the world, can stimulate some distracting, unproductive and unprofitable customer communication strategies and... Read More

  • For several years, millennials have been the “buzz” generation, as every segment of business seeks to better understand what motivates (or demotivates) a millennial. Now that they are officially the largest living generation, the strategic importance of understanding their behavior is... Read More

  • Customer experience is a broad term. It means something different for every organization as we strive to relate the term to a team’s objectives and resources. But no matter how you define customer experience, you can’t ignore the importance it holds in driving consumer loyalty to your... Read More

  • I had the good fortune of working at Virgin as VP of Brand for North America for five years. During that time, I gained invaluable insight into best practices in branding, marketing, and corporate culture. I watched how Richard Branson constantly challenged the status quo and drove the direction... Read More

  • There was a time not long ago when inbound marketing seemed our future -- the one strategy sure to put our businesses on the map (via search and social media), and perhaps the best hope we had of winning our buyers’ trust and customer loyalty (through content like blogs, white-papers... Read More

  • Big data’s notable upswing is helping retailers increase customer engagement significantly by generating experiences that are not just meaningful but are also targeted and specific. Simply put, since big data connects everyone and everything, marketers must know how to collect, analyze, and... Read More

  • Every marketer knows the importance of a loyal, engaged customer base. These customers are the lifeblood of a business—the repeat buyers, the brand enthusiasts, the unpaid spokespeople for your company. But loyal customers serve another purpose, beyond providing a steady stream of revenue... Read More

  • If you’re a burrito, chips and guac connoisseur, then you’ve been no stranger to the woes Chipotle has faced in the past few months. From an E.coli outbreak that sparked a massive PR crisis to a resulting 30% plummet in sales, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant hasn... Read More

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    Its nostalgic, 1930s/1940s pre-jet age décor might evoke days gone by, but Wingstop is on the leading edge of customer experience in the 21st century. This past June, the Dallas-based restaurant chain launched a multi-channel ordering system that allows consumers to place orders via Twitter and... Read More

  • For marketers, the sports industry is as high-stakes a promotional playing field as any Super Bowl kick-off.  With current estimates[1] targeting $73.5 billion in revenues by 2019—sports media rights claiming $20.6 billion of that and gate and merchandising sales staking out another... Read More

  • “The most fun part of my job,” proclaims Scott Horn, Chief Marketing Officer for [24]7, “is there’s no way we can do what we do for our clients without understanding what they do for their customers. It’s kind of cool when you go into transportation, or banking, or... Read More

  • The holiday season is still a few months down the line, but smart merchants know that planning their promotions ahead of time makes everything go more smoothly. Moreover, when you have all the time you need to strategize, you have the ability to create a truly differentiated customer experience. ... Read More

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    Employee engagement is a critical piece of the overall customer loyalty discussion at Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Encouraging innovation across Starwood empowers its employees to explore new technologies that enhance the experience of their hotel guests. “For example, we’ve worked... Read More

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    SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. Many enterprises run HANA because of its compression capabilities, and customers running on HANA take full advantage of its in-memory capabilities and column-orientation for gaining... Read More

  • Despite the transformation of industries over the last thirty years and despite the advent of digital, social and mobile, the majority of loyalty programs have not advanced.  Loyalty programs date back to the early 1900s when stamp collection programs encouraged repeat purchases to drive... Read More

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    Most hotel groups tend to fall into one price range, perhaps varying slightly above and below the target demographic. Wyndham Hotel Group boasts 16 different brands appealing to a wide range of travelers. Members of the company’s Wyndham Rewards program can of course accrue and redeem... Read More

  • Confirmit, a provider of software that enables organizations to conduct customer feedback, employee feedback, and market research programs recently partnered with emotion recognition technology provider Affectiva.   This partnership will allow Confirmit to add emotion detection... Read More

  • Loyalty360 always wants to provide marketers commentary on current trends related to loyalty marketing.Ned Moore, co-founder & CEO, Clutch offered his unique and expert views on various topics related to loyalty marketing, customer engagement, and what the marketplace wants.From your... Read More